The Last “Real” Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose’s latest line of BMX race bikes, the Title series, have been designed using that same race pedigree. Our mid-range race bikes are the perfect for riders who are beginning their path to competitive racing. Priced between £400 and £800 these are not quite the high-end steeds you see at national level races, but they all feature lightweight aluminium frames and are designed specifically with the racetrack in mind. Race bikes feature 20-inch wheels on all models, but the components and frame are sized dependent on age and height. Youth race bikes start from a Micro size for very young riders and offer a range of sizes through to expert XL.

Since Mongoose only offered these bikes in the continental USA they have been working hard to find a way for people in Canada, Alaska/Hawaii, Mexico, UK, ect, to get their hands on them and that’s where we come in. Obviously, the cost to ship to these states/countries isn’t cheap, but these bikes are affordably priced even with the cost to ship to these locations. Whether shop here at Albe’s BMX or at , we’re just stoked to help get these beauties to hardcore ‘Goose fans anywhere in the world. Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. The Cult Access Bike 2024 is perfect for an entry level rider looking to get into the sport.20” TT Frame9″ 2-piece BarsHeaven’s Gate Begin Grip… One of our most frequently asked questions in freestyle is, which rear hub do I want, a freecoaster or a cassette?

Capable of high-end performance – a bike designed for riders with intermediate skills all the way up to pro – the Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX race bike is a level above our popular Title series. Suggested rider height is 5’3″ – 5’8″.Professional-grade 6061 mongoose fat bike Tectonic T1 Biaxial Hydroformed and butted aluminum frame with 86mm BB shell, tapered headtube, 3D forged 10mm dropouts, and internal cable routing. Mongoose was born from BMX racing with products that push the limits of what a rider can do on the track.

These are great to get a feel for the sport but would not be able to keep up in a competitive environment. For first time riders new to the sport our entry level bikes, priced from £200-£400, are perfect, most of these are made from high tensile steel which means they are still relatively strong, but can be slightly heavier than higher end models. You might find you’ll want to upgrade to something lighter sooner than you’d think. If you are planning on using the bike in rain or bad weather, we do strongly advise choosing a model with fully sealed bearings all round. Freestyle bikes are designed for the skatepark, the streets or the trails.

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The Mongoose 3-piece cro-mo (Solution?) cranks however were not. Ya but the carbon frames and the kinesis frames were usa, thats what I was referring to. In the end, the quality of the frame does not have much to do with the country of origin, so much as the quality of materials and personnel who build it. There certainly have been plenty of Mongoose models with all Cro-Mo frames over the years. Clearly there were many awesome US built frames, My MCS, Patterson, or my JMC cruiser are good examples, but realistically, those were not the same market niche as a Californian, a 500B, or a Mach 1.

From a design point, it’s kind of apples and oranges, really. From a weight, geometry and design standpoint it is a better frame. Build quality completely depends on other factors that are beyond our, or in fact Mongoose’s control… How much is the shift supervisor getting mongoose fat bike for running the production line 15% faster than it should be running? Did the tube fit finisher get laid the night before? Typically you see it when a frame tube ruptures or a weld breaks, but sometimes it shows up in odd ways, like a frame having the wrong brackets, etc.

It was an early run 1999 with the Twin Jet seat- and chainstays. Before the Cali, I raced on an aluminum ’97 Supergoose that was made in Taiwan. They were all good frames that I never had any serious issues with.

There is also an extra gusset above the bottom bracket. The Mongoose Legion L40 Bike is ready for the beginner to intermediate level BMX rider. Features such as mongoose bicycle a sealed bearing mid bottom bracket and s… I used to own and race on one of his personal aluminum Newman frame Californians, which was also made in Taiwan.