Kent Bicycles 700C E-BIKE Hybrid Electric Bike

The Kent Electric Cruiser’s 350W rear-hub motor was more than capable on the flat roads and bike paths around my home, easily reaching and staying at 20 mph. But when the bike was pointed uphill, the performance was much less impressive. With me pedaling and the power assist at maximum, my speed frequently dropped down into the single digits on steep hills.

There’s even a six-speed transmission that makes the bike extra pedal-friendly even without any electric assist. The advantages of mid-drive motors, though, mean that you’ll usually find them on higher-end electric bikes, whereas low-cost electric bikes tend to favor hub motors. From sleek electric bikes, road bikes, speed bikes, to rugged mountain bikes and versatile hybrids, our collection caters to every rider’s preference and terrain. Choose the perfect ride for you from our wide range of electric bikes and discover leading brands renowned for their quality, performance, and innovation, ensuring you find the perfect ride to match your lifestyle. The rest of Kent’s mid-drive e-bike fits more in line with the other budget models in its class.

Anyone who takes the quiz, regardless of their score, is given the opportunity to order a free helmet, shipped directly to the rider’s home. SPIN shared eScooters and eBikes must park within one of the designated SPIN GeoZones to end any ride. When riders end a trip, they must park in the GeoZone that appears on the app or SPIN may issue fines for non-compliance. If a ride ends outside of a GeoZone, SPIN will email the user with a warning.

But after going to the gym and completing several CrossFit workouts each week, the rides became harder and more tedious. Each hill burned out our already fatigued legs and around the 4-mile mark, we’d head back to the car with stiff, cramped muscles. Students can download the SPIN app on their mobile devices to begin using the service. After a few companies reached out to Kent State, the department of recreational services formed a committee to consider the options.

I have a Truckrun motor on my daily rider city e-bike, and it works wonderfully. Mid-drive motors, unlike hub motors, actually power the bike through the standard gears on a bicycle. Hub motors, on the other hand, are single-speed drivetrains that bypass the gears and chain altogether, allowing them to be controlled quite simply as there are kent bayside cruiser no gears to worry about. This is a gross oversimplification, but you can kind of think about it like automatic versus manual transmission cars, at least in terms of simplicity and ease of learning or use for the driver. Kent’s Electric Cruiser has plenty of limitations, but it’s doubtful the people buying this bike will care too much.

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With nearly 10 years of experience with electric bikes, we are one of the leading experts on e-bikes in Kent. The perfect choice for riders who are looking for a comfortable, and efficient ride. Crafted with a step-thru aluminum frame, this bike is lightweight and easy to mount and dismount. The website also hosts a safety quiz that reinforces the messages seen in the videos about proper rider behavior, including where to ride and how to park. Scan the QR code on your phone or click on the link below to take the Safety Quiz. If riders score 100% on the quiz, they will earn $5 in Spin credit.

It held a 155-lb adult flying through the air, even though I was half expecting a pedal to snap off on my repeated landings. But no, the thing is overbuilt for its ratings, just like Kent’s lawyers surely insisted that it should be. The V-brakes similarly aren’t incredibly high quality, but then again, they work just fine. This is a $498 kids e-bike after all – not a $17,000 S-Works for lycra-clad dads. While the Electric Cruiser was lighter than most e-bikes I’ve tested over the years, I would still hate to have to haul it upstairs or lift it onto a car rack.

For pleasure, the commute, corporate use or ask about our bike part exchange service. From custom paint jobs to personalized fittings, our team can help you create a bike that reflects your personality and preferences. Stand out from the crowd and ride in style with a one-of-a-kind bicycle tailored to your unique taste. I realize these are “tetherless,” but scooters laying on the sidewalk is unacceptable. I don’t know the answer to this problem, but the city and the company need to ensure the sidewalks are clear and safe.

The Electric Cruiser offers three levels of electric assist, with a maximum boost of 20 mph. A very basic LED display indicates battery and power-assist levels but doesn’t include a speedometer or mileage counter. Both models come with full suspension frame, Bosch Performance Line Speed motor. This offers a maximum torque of 85 Nm and it can get you up to 45km/h. So it’s always encouraging to see new speed pedelecs come on the market and the French brand Moustache have just announced the Friday 27FS Speed with a dual battery option. There are numerous trails in North Georgia with large inclines and several over 15 miles long that we had intentionally avoided.