Schwinn Electric Bikes

When I pedaled hard, the bike was able to get up to 20 mph in about 10 seconds on smooth, flat surfaces. Pedaling uphill was a bit different, maxing out at roughly 15 mph. Lighter people mongoose excursion may be able to get it going a bit faster, though (I weigh 250 pounds for context). There are five speeds you can adjust via the bike’s thumb pad controller located on the left handle.

We found the Tailwind works largely as advertised, with a nice assist while riding around town and a battery with a high capacity that recharges quickly. On our test bike, the front brakes were too grabby, and we wondered why such an expensive bike wouldn’t have disc brakes. And the price of the Tailwind, above $3,000, puts it far beyond the realm of people who may just have a casual interest in an electric bike.

With an LED display showing battery life and assistance level, you can use the thumbpad to completely control your ride. There are five different levels of pedal-assist for you to choose from, which offer e-assistance up to 20 miles per hour. Simple and efficient pavement riding awaits you on this sleek urban e-bike.

When buying a bike, it’s important the one you purchase fits you correctly. Making sure this is the case might mean visiting a local bike shop that carries it and either giving it a test ride or just seeing which size is right for your height. We recommend looking into not only a brand’s testing options but also its return policy, as you want to make sure it’s also eligible to be sent back should it not fit. The way I viewed it was that I ride bikes for exercise, so why would I ride one that does most (if not all) the work for me? Even the term e-bike sounded gimmicky enough for me to want nothing to do with them — it’s like how everything these days comes with the label of smart. The Schwinn Ridgewood launched recently in the electric bike market.

Class 2 e-bikes are approved for use on bike trails in most cities and states. Easily recharge in as little as 4 hours with a standard household outlet and the included charging cable. At first, I was nervous about the bike going 20 miles mongoose excursion an hour. On my long rides on a hybrid bike, I averaged 15 mph but once I got going, I realized 20 mph isn’t a big deal. Similar to how you can change gears on a multi-speed bike, you can choose how much the motor assists you, too.

schwinn electric bike

No suspension elements but the fork is steel which provides some vibration dampening properties and…… The Bafang Max mid-motor is efficient, extremely quiet, and capable of climbing steeper hills if…… At level 5, the throttle propels you up to 20 miles per hour and disengages if you go faster than that (for example, if you go downhill). Class 2 e-bikes are required to stop assistance past 20 miles per hour. Level 1 throttle tops out at around 10 mph while level 5 will give you the full 20 mph. As reviewed, the bike didn’t have much in the way of storage, but other models have a rear rack and even storage in the seat.

Well, let’s just say it really, seriously provides assistance. After you crank it on (okay, there’s no cranking involved — just a button press), you’ll feel it kick in after maybe five seconds. It’s a bit jarring the first time or two, but that’s par for the course, and you’ll warm up to it quickly. Once the electric’s on, there are three modes of assistance to choose from on that left control panel — flat, downhill, and hill climbing. On flat riding roads, where we did most of our testing, the assistance creates an experience where, though you still need to pedal, you can definitely feel a substantial amount of help from the motor. We’re not saying it’s without effort, but it’s a greatly reduced effort.