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I have confidence this air purifier is designed to effectively remove allergens. The room air smells cleaner after just a short time running. The only complaint I have is that the low speed is still a bit to loud for me.

Reflects how intuitive and easy the controls are to use, carrying ease, ability to remove the filter, and filter life indicator. The Levoit LV-H133 is another competitor to the Coway Mighty. But it’s more expensive up-front as well as over the course of five years of upkeep. And its taller form and higher noise output make it visually and audibly intrusive. The Honeywell InSight HPA5300B, a large-space model, likely performs well, but after measuring its electricity demands, we dismissed it.

Select between four cleaning settings (Microscopic Particles, General Clean, Pollen and Turbo). Once you’ve chosen a cleaning level, the InSight HEPA Air Cleaner will illuminate that setting so that you know exactly how your portable air purifier is performing. This new series of portable air cleaners also includes a VOC Sensor that actively monitors the surrounding air. Honeywell designed their HEPA filter so users can vacuum it twice a year, and it will last in your air purifier for 3-5 years. However, the Honeywell pre-filter cannot be washed or reused if you expect to have continual odor removal.

Some concentrations of organic chemicals are higher indoors than outdoors. In other scenarios, contaminated outdoor air may be introduced into a building through ventilation to achieve unintended consequences. Honeywell HEPA Portable Air Purifiers offer a simple solution to help clean the air.

The display shutoff keeps its glowing LEDs from disrupting sleep. One version adds Alexa compatibility for remote control and monitoring, although this feature bumps the price up by a bit. Consider whether you actually need a large-space purifier, though. If you’d be using a Blue Pure 211+ to purify a space that these smaller machines could handle, that’s wasted electricity. The 211i Max is a thrifty operator, drawing just 41 watts on its highest setting, and 18 and 11 respectively on the medium-high and medium-low settings where you’re more likely to run it during normal use. Like the smaller 311i Max, its engineering has been updated with a redesigned motor and fan blade.

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Once particulate matter settles on floors or other surfaces, an air purifier won’t lift it up. To clean allergens like pet hair and pollen from surfaces, you need a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop. To reduce viruses and bacteria on surfaces, it is usually sufficient to clean them with soap, detergent, or an all-purpose cleaner. Since 2017, I have conducted extensive reporting on and real-world testing of air purifiers in my New York City apartment and in Wirecutter’s New York and Los Angeles offices. I have spoken with manufacturers, engineers, academics, and experts. And I have also lived with most of our picks, running them 24/7 for months—and sometimes years—in my apartment.

If this is the first time you’re using a Honeywell Portable Air Purifier, you’ll want to ensure that you have removed the protective plastic wrap from the air cleaner’s filters. The noise may also be an indicator that it’s time to replace the air purifier’s filter. Room air purifiers can often run loud when their filters contain high amounts of airborne particles.

In spite of the power, it’s extremely energy efficient and quieter than you’d expect. You can shut off the display while it runs, which helps if you’re light sensitive while trying to sleep. Its air-quality sensor reads honeywell humidifier your room’s particulate-pollution levels at 1, 2.5, and 10 microns (aka PM1, PM2.5, and PM10—broadly equivalent to smoke, dust, and pollen). An app remotely monitors its readings and can control its settings.

For example, you can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, basement, or family room. Be sure to place your air purifier in a space that falls within the air purifier’s specified coverage area for optimal performance. To change the pre-filter for the Honeywell QuietCare Air Purifier, first disconnect the unit from the power supply to ensure safety. Second, unscrew the locking mechanism by turning it counter-clockwise. Next, remove the end-cap, filter assembly, velcro fasteners, and used pre-filter from the unit.