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People who don’t want to be restricted by a regular bike’s carrying capacity should look into cargo bikes. The Mongoose Envoy can be equipped with a wide array of cargo attachments, so you can carry anything you need, such as groceries and spare clothing. It is essential because you have to know how much weight your new bike can handle. Silodrome was founded in 2010 as a website dedicated to Gasoline Culture and all it entails – We write about modern cars, classic cars, motorcycles, racing, gear, gadgets, clothing, boats, planes, airships and the occasional submarine.Read more… The California Special is the more affordable option, retailing at $449.99 USD where the bikes are officially released on the 18th of October this year. Grid Mag Boys’ BMX Freestyle bike is perfect for him to unleash all of his talent.

It also has an integrated head tube which means a stronger frame. The rims are also wider, which not only makes them stronger but also less prone to pinch flats on hard landings. This determines the “size” of the BMX, not the wheel size. Back in 1974, the BMX Products, Inc company was originally known for their famous MotoMags wheels which were produced from cast magnesium. RECO (Racer Engineering Company) was a wholly owned manufacturing division created for insurance purposes to be separate from BMX Products, Inc, even though RECO was always produced in-house.

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If you require any further information on sizing our Customer Service team is on hand to answer your questions. You can also shop our collection of Mongoose Scooters and Mongoose Bikes to stay ahead of the competition. Use our size, schwinn electric bike price and colour filters to help you find the right style for you. From CW racing, the excessively talkative Magoo made the move to GT, starting off in administration and ending up in advertising and team management capabilities.

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Hitting the market in 1986, the rumour around the scooter is that a Mongoose employee overproduced ‘Moose Goose’ head tubes and thereby sparked the idea for a scooter which takes advantage of a higher headtube. For core BMX heads, the incorporation of a scooter under the Mongoose umbrella was tough to swallow, it being a much more accessible and cheaper product which wasn’t consistent with the essence of BMX, the spirit of the sport. Interestingly, schwinn mountain bicycles attitudes towards scooters are similarly harboured to this day, with scooters (albeit in a different form) continuing to polarise people and continuing to be the easy option, the low hanging fruit. For the Mongoose brand and its long history, the role of BMX bandits further improved the iconic status with the chrome ‘Supergoose’ model (with blue wheels and accessories) being ridden by one of the central characters ‘Goose’.