Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser 16 5in Frame 26″Wheel Red PGH#20250

The durable Schwinn cantilever steel frame has been updated with tubular leading axle front fork and cushioned hand grips. It’s designed for comfortable riding with a padded saddle and wide whitewall tires schwinn ebike that ride smooth over almost any terrain. The Cruiser 5 has

5-speed gears and hand brakes for greater versatility and range. Upgrade your biking experience with our selection of beach cruiser bikes.

Just grab your shades and a helmet and you’ll be riding in style. The name “Schwinn” in front of the title “Cruiser” means a solid, comfortable ride on a cantilever frame bike that is always in

style. That’s why the words “Schwinn Cruiser” are something special if you agree that first class on white-walled balloons is the

only way to roll. The “Deluxe’s” Spring Fork gives you an extra smooth ride. If somewhat understated, yet functional comfort is what you’re looking for choose the Schwinn’s standard coaster brake Cruiser. Whitewall balloon tires and Electro-forge cantilever frame.

The durable cruiser bicycle’s steel cruiser frame is perfect for tooling around the neighborhood, park or beach. 2.1-inch wide tires provide added stability and a smooth ride. Front and rear fenders help keep you clean and dry in damp weather while adding to the vintage style. This year Schwinn offers a wide choice of Cruiser speeds,

sizes and colors. You can enjoy cruising with or without a beach in your neighborhood. Embrace the laid-back lifestyle with our beach cruiser bikes.

Comparing those to Sixthreezero cruisers, we don’t really dip below a hundred … Our entry-level cruiser is the Around the Block, which currently is at 199, unfortunately due to tariffs it’s gonna have to bump up to 229 here pretty shortly. But that’s the entry level because we’re focused on value, and we wanna build the best bike we can for as low as possible. And we’ve determined that that price of about 229, 199 is the best we can do from the quality we wanna stand behind, to provide the value back to the customer. Fabulous and functional, the front and rear fenders add that vintage flair while helping to protect you – and your clothes – from splashes and dirt while you ride. When our shop re-opens to the public following the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll be happy to discuss options for fit customization, upgrades, and accessories.

schwinn beach cruiser

The classic knobby tire, white walled look of this model is what Cruisers are all about. These are the 26″ and 20-inch single-speed models. Several years ago, California cyclists adapted the word “cruiser” to their world of sandy beaches, and enjoyed riding old

balloon-tired bikes along the ocean’s edge.

With that said, the other thing with Sixthreezero is we really focus on seats and comfort. So I think, personally, you’re gonna find our seats to be more comfortable than Schwinn seats. We use different foams, different sizes, different springs like that, that are gonna make our cruisers way, way more comfortable, especially as you move up in the price range.

The handlebar basket and rear rack with wood deck provide convenient cargo space so you can bring all the essentials with you on your ride. Great for running errands, picnics, and more. Take in the scene at the beach, ride country roads or spin around town on a classic. Even better and more comfortable today with cushion grips and tubular leading axle fron fork. If you’re running a script or application, please register or sign in with your developer credentials here. Additionally make sure your User-Agent is not empty and is something unique and descriptive and try again.

3-speed twist shifter offers smooth, reliable gear changes. Rear coaster brake, also called a pedal brake, provides intuitive stopping power. All you need to do is pedal backwards to slow or stop – it’s that easy. Cruiser frame and fork feature durable steel construction and a vintage-inspired look that’s always chic.

Now the downside with that price point is, typically at that price point, you’re not gonna get a huge selection of color. That’s a big difference between Sixthreezero and a Schwinn, is that we offer a lot of colors, a lot of different speeds for every model. With Schwinn trying to keep prices low, it’s most effective for them to choose one or two colors and keep production volume high, keeps cost down, things like that. We’ve got a wide selection of bike sizes and styles, including electric, to fit a wide variety of riders. And enter your height and weight on the product page, and our body fit the tool.