26″ Men’s Kent Bayside Cruiser Bike

The easy switch power is excellent at providing a smooth performance when you ride. Both the Men’s 26″ and the Women’s 26″ kent bayside cruiser bikes have 7-speed drivetrains that you can easily shift for your speed needs. Shifting is easy using twist shifters to move through the available gears quickly. These bikes have 26″ wheels that are strong and easy to maneuver on challenging trails. The 26″ tires, together with a 7-speed drive train, make acceleration on this cruiser bike manageable. Kent Bayside bikes are good quality cruiser bikes for the price you will pay.

Kent Bicycles offer very many accessories for their cruiser bikes. Some accessories on this bike include the twist shifter, fenders, swept-back handlebars, and Shimano rear derailleur. With a simple twist, you can shift from one speed to another quickly.

They also import and sell bicycle accessories worldwide like frames, forks, and handlebars. The right bike size will easily make your ride fun and enjoyable. The style saddle on the Keny Bayside bikes is comfy, especially if you plan on going for longer adventures. A quick-release seat post clamp on this saddle helps you easily adjust the seat to better suit you. You don’t require any tools when you need to adjust the seat for additional comfort.

With kent electric bike bikes, you might probably be cycling long distances to enjoy new locations and trails. The handlebars feature a mounted drink holder to place your water bottles securely when riding. Both the Men 26″ and the Women’s 26″ bayside bikes use pull handbrakes to control the bike when cycling. You don’t have to deal with finding the best fenders for these cruisers because they already have them.

kent bayside cruiser

This stylish bike has a durable steel frame that comes in black to match the black rims. The Kent Bayside’s steel frame provides strength and is highly resistant to fatigue to last you as long as you need. With kent hybrid bike the swept-back handlebars, you will have a much easier time viewing the scenery on this Kent Bayside bike. There are also other additional accessories you can purchase to add to your Kent Bayside bike.