Mongoose MGX D-50 Mountain Bike Action Magazine

By combining Pon.Bike and Dorel Sports, a leading bicycle company in the world will be created, with a combined revenue of around 2.5 billion euro. Founded in 1974 in a Southern California garage, Mongoose has always been an aggressive brand with products that push the limits of what a rider can do. From the biggest hits on the mountain or in the park to the urban jungle, Mongoose is an authentic brand that produces durable products built for real riders.

Mongoose has the right mountain bike, whether you’re tackling technical terrain or exploring with the family. If it’s BMX or multi-speed mountain bikes your kid wants, Mongoose kids bikes are the perfect introduction to cycling. Practice cool tricks on the Mongoose Boys’ Motivator 20 in Bike.

Mongoose has developed a solid reputation for quality bikes at an affordable cost in the cycling industry. Mongoose Re

Other than that, you’ll be able to examine its frame design and choose which one you prefer…. Old school bmx decals for all your Mongoose and BMX Products bikes, including grips, pads, & seats. We have mongoose racing bike spent decades gathering information from many, many sources, including our friends at,,, and We don’t claim to have all first hand knowledge, we just wanted to condense all the information out there into one place for all of us to enjoy.

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Currently, the most costly Mongoose bike costs almost $3000. Identifying the serial numbers on the early Mongoose frames is actually quite easy and intuitive with this guide.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge you have read our privacy policy. Bell Sports bought American Group in 1995 and sold Mongoose to

Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group in 1997. The USA doesn’t require two independent brakes, so likely this was sold in the US, or perhaps someone removed the brake for some reason. If you intend a concourse restoration, that might be hard to achieve. It is essential because you have to know how much weight your new bike can handle. If somebody is looking for an inexpensive bike to ride occasionally or wants a second bike on which to do stunts, they are probably suitable for that person.

BMX bikes designed by Mongoose in the 1970s and 1980s shaped a generation of innovation and design. Some of the world’s finest riders ride Mongoose BMX Freestyle and BMX Race bikes. This is important because, as a rider, you should know which heavy bike you can handle. Now, Mongoose is one of the brands of Dorel Industries, which also owns Pacific Cycle, Schwinn, and GT Bicycles. As of 2018, you can find Mongoose bikes at Pacific Cycle in Madison, WI. Their products are distributed worldwide, mainly through independent distributors and retailers.

In September of 1974, Skip Hess started BMX Products, Inc. out of his home in  Simi Valley, California. His first bicycle was the innovative Motomag One Wheel, a cast aluminium mag wheel. Additional services may be available – please inquire with Delivery Company.

We are proud to work with our partners to bring you expanded selections and exciting products you can order online – all at tax-free, military-exclusive pricing. Skip Hess went on to develop the Electra brand, but he stepped down in 2014 when it was sold to Trek. In 2004 Pacific Cycle was bought by Montreal-based Dorel Industries.

Whether you are looking for a bicycle to meet your fitness goals or to surprise your little one, having the right bike will make a lot of difference. However, choosing the perfect one is challenging as there are a lot of options out there in the market. Adult bicycles come in a wide range of options for you to pick.

If you’re looking for a model to do more extreme riding, there are a host of BMX bikes that will let you soar through the air just like your favorite action sport athletes. Department-store Mongoose bicycles perform well for their intended uses and so do Mongoose’s higher-level bicycles. The Mongoose brand of bicycles focuses on two product lines for consumers. The most popular line comprises discount bikes offered in department stores, while higher-end Mongoose bicycles can be found on the Mongoose website or in specialty bicycle shops. Mongoose bicycles have at times been criticized for poor reliability and construction, however, many of these issues can be attributed to how and where the bicycles are used by their owners. Mongoose offers mountain bikes for every MTB discipline, from downhill full suspension to dirt jumpers.