Ozark Trail Cooler Review Pretty Solid Coolers Read To Find Out Why

As far as color options go, you can purchase this in one of two colors, Greystone which is the one featured in this article and a lighter grey. The constant color feature among the two are the orange rimmed wheels which I don’t love but, it is not a deal breaker. The coolers in competition were the Ozark Trail 45QT Rolling Thermocooler, The Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler, and the Yeti Tundra Haul. I chose these coolers because they were the closest among the brands when it came to internal storage.

I used the word “think” intentionally, because what I thought I knew about Ozark Trail was not correct. Ozark Trail is proving to be a really solid competitor for outdoor products. This cooler has a number of features that you would find on more expensive coolers and a few that you won’t find. This heavy-duty cooler features a stainless steel locking plate with a built-in bottle opener and a super-seal gasket to ensure that the cold stays in and the heat stays out.

And Ozark Trail’s diverse selection of coolers means that we are going to have results that are all over the place. And to maximize how much squeeze the gasket produces, having strong latches that provide a lot of clamping force is necessary. You will find the popular “T-latch” design on Ozark Trail coolers. While some brands will have the base of the “T” be what catches the pin, Ozark Trail has instead decided to have a hole in the middle of the latch that catches onto the pin.

You effectively need to manually empty your cooler (which can be very cold on the hands) then empty out the water before putting your items back it. This is true of the Ozark Trail but it’s also true of all roto-molded coolers. The Ozark Trail has really mixed opinions when it comes to ice retention. While this is a decent range it is a much smaller range than a cooler brand like Yeti which has multiple different sizes. Some customers have experienced Ozark Trail coolers warping when left in the sun. More specifically the lid of the cooler seems to warp unnaturally.

Our testers all found that with narrower, longer backpack coolers, the contents were inevitably harder to reach. In contrast, a wider, shorter cooler with the same volume offers easier access — but that’s not compatible with the human torso. Though ozark trail canopy most designs, like the Hydro Flask Day Escape Soft Cooler Pack, have no weight-bearing hip belt even though the carrying capacity is moderate to high. Not all backpack coolers have an integrated hip belt and not all hip belts are created equal.

We give a thumbs-up for how comfortable the pack was to carry — the size-to-capacity is spot on. We also liked the durable exterior, a mix of 600-denier polyester and flexible plastic. Otherwise, the pack includes ozark trail chair a pocket in front that stretches about half the height. There’s no zipper or Velcro on the pocket, but the envelope is stiff and tacos around whatever you slide in whether that’s your phone, wallet, or keys.

The Icemule Recycled Jaunt is one of our favorite sleek and streamlined coolers, and the exterior zipper pocket is essential for a cell phone and keys. The Eddie Bauer Recycled Bygone Backpack Cooler has an interior divider pocket, which we appreciate for small bagged items and condiment packets. The Titan by Arctic Zone Deep Freeze 30 Can Ice Wall Backpack Cooler is full of stash pockets. This pack makes it easy to only bring one bag for a short or solo trip, picnic, or day at the beach. The exterior dimensions of each pack will give you a solid picture of the available storage space.

Next, we have the anti-skid feet, which protect your tabletop from your super-heavy cooler. Even so, try not to drag it around if you don’t want to ruin the paint job on your truck bed or the excellent finish on your floor. It’s threaded too, which means ozark trail canopy you can screw it on tight and it’s also attached to a chain, which means you don’t have to worry about losing it. It might seem a little disappointing that there are only 3 sizes to go on, but at least they went for the most common sizes used by people.