Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent with Built in Cabin Lights 10 Person

Sometimes I worry that these fiberglass poles will break, because they’re not that sturdy. The Base Camp tents include a low side vent and multiple stuff pockets on the walls and ceiling, which are made of 75D polyester treated with 1500mm of polyurethane waterproofing. ozark trail instant cabin Note that these tents are strictly meant for car camping; the Base Camp 4 and the Base Camp 6 weigh 16 and 21 pounds, respectively, so you won’t want to carry either one very far. To compare tent fabrics, you also need to know their overall rip strength.

Hi r/campinggear, my family recently purchased the tent mentioned in the title, the fairly cheap Ozark Trail 8-person instant cabin tent. However, when we received it, it was absolutely gargantuan, even wrapped up in its bag. It’s simply ozark trail shower tent an impossible tent to do anything other than the most basic car camping with, and even then will take up the vast majority of our car’s trunk. I’m wondering if you can recommend a tent that could be a decent more compact replacement.

Overall, this is a fun beach accessory that is great for guarding gear and valuables and offering periodic shelter from the sun. As its name suggests, the Eureka Tagalong Shelter is ideal for tagging along on any adventure where shade is needed. The Sundome’s tarp is clearly a budget material, but for what it was, we found it user-friendly. It’s easy to mop up after wet paws and spills, and it doesn’t hold moisture. It’s unlikely to be as durable, though, as the softer, stronger polyester found in our other picks. Measuring 10 by 10 feet, the Sundome covers an area larger than that of our family-tent top pick though its lower roof leaves it with less headroom.

There is lots of mesh around and on the ceiling, so this will work great if you use the tent in a warm climate. But with so much mesh on the ceiling, I would not use this tent in a cold climate. This is a freestanding construction, self-supporting and stable as you can realize from the picture below which shows the tent ozark trail shower tent without the fly. But you should certainly not miss staking it properly, the stakes and guylines are included in the package. Livability describes the overall day-to-day experience of owning and using a tent, and tents that are more comfortable, convenient, and easy to use score the highest in terms of livability.

For cons, there’s only 1 door in the entire 10-person tent, there’s almost no ventilation at all when it’s raining, and it also leaks within just 15 minutes of light rain. Marmot uses color coding smartly to help you position the tent as well as set it up. Both of the doors zip open to the side that’s color-coded blue, as opposed to zipping open to opposite sides. In other words, one partner—or one partner’s gear—is always going to get a dose of weather when they head out.

Like our couples’ tent pick, the Wireless 6 is a dome-shaped tent with a tried and true two-pole design. It has an interior footprint of 87 square feet, which sleeps four adults on single pads, or two adults and two or three children, and can accommodate a crib. That wasn’t the tallest we encountered—the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 6 and the Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 each topped out at 7 feet—but it’s enough space for most adults to maneuver standing up. The tent comes with a full rain fly that adds two vestibules for storage (each 14 square feet), totaling 115 square feet of livable space—which is fairly generous yet still practical for most campsites.