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Kent is not just any bike brand; it represents the epitome of cycling freedom, performance, and comfort. We, at National Assemblers, celebrate the finesse of these bicycles and ensure they are assembled perfectly to serve our customers in the United States. We are specialized in helping you with the installation of your bicycle assembly.

Did you know that we have a bicycle plant in Clarendon County? Bicycle Corporation of America, known as BCA Bicycles under parent company Kent International, owns and operates two locations here. The largest Clarendon site is located off of Hwy 521 in the Manning area and the other is located in Summerton across from Scotts Branch High School. The Kent Bicycle Advisory Board presents “The Ride of the Month,” a monthly recommended bike course here in Kent.

“We are focused on promoting from within and we provide on the job training for those individuals looking to advance their careers,” Morrow said. Meagley added that she’d like to encourage Clarendon County students to consider BCA when they kent mountain bike are looking into trade schools and potential careers. “We want them to know that there is an opportunity for a well paying career in their backyards making quality products that are sold locally and throughout the country,” she said.

While I am in favor of any innovation that will decrease my chance of being run over, the Kickstarter light is a bit beyond my price range and it won’t ship until September/October of 2023. Now things were really starting to come together. At the Goodwill store I found a perfect little blue bag for two dollars and I knew what to do with it, I made it into a handlebar bag. I was getting closer to having things dialed in. I did have to swap a big spacer on the rear wheel from the drive to non-drive side and re-dish the wheel. There were just enough threads on the spokes to do this.

The Schwinn World Sport was a not fancy but decent sport touring bike of it’s day. The lugged frame was made in Taiwan for Schwinn and the main triangle is 4130 ChromeMoly tubing. The internet help me decode the bike’s serial number and told me that it was made in 1984. The dealer sticker told me that the bike had originally been sold by Stewart’s Wheel Goods, just over the bridge in Duluth. It was an easy thing for me to track your scent and it brought me straight to the bike.

Kent began a bike assembly program under the name Bicycle Corporation of America, which eventually morphed into a full-blown bicycle manufacturing facility. I reached the point where I had to spend some more money on this project so I rode my Allant over the bridge to Duluth. And I was running out of time, the moon was starting to rise. I ran for the woods and you’re damn lucky I made it there and found an unlucky deer. Once I got the bloodlust out of my system, I turned my attention to the problem of recovering my bike. I said mostly healthy because I don’t think anybody thinks of broken collarbones or Alpha-gal Syndrome as healthy things.

Just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes-no matter if that love is new or long established. According to Morrow, the pandemic has impacted every aspect of the supply chain. “We were declared an essential business so for the most part we have remained operational,” said Morrow. About a Kickstarter project for a biomotion taillight.

Added features include an adjustable seat post, quick-release alloy handlebar, and alloy wheels, enhancing rider comfort and ease of transportation. A heavy-duty kickstand is also included for when you need to rest. The Kent Trouvaille promises an exhilarating ride for cycling enthusiasts. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this bike assures an upright riding position for optimum ease-of-use. The bike features confidence-inspiring disk brakes for maximum safety.

The two pictures above show my first cut at customisation. The mirror, the bell, the light, the yellow cable housing, the bar tape and the Jandd frame bag were all things I had in my bike shed. I really wanted to make the bike into a fixed gear, but it turned out the one thing I didn’t have in my parts stash was a fixed cog. But when I posted kent bicycles about my initial conversion on my blog, my pal Steve in Minneapolis dug through his parts stash, found a 16 tooth Surly fixed cog and dropped it in the mail to me. Since I’d gotten this bike for so little I wanted to keep that frugal trend going and see how little I could spend. Even so, I ran the purchase past Christine and she said OK.