Coleman RoadTrip Classic Grill, Blue

If you plan on hosting a party, cooking for a big group then you should definitely upgrade to a larger grill. I attached my 16oz can of propane to the grill, turned it on, hit the ignition and it fired up immediately. Despite their quality and flexibility, Coleman grills remain very affordable.

Folds up easily and pops back into working condition in a few easy steps. Features 3 burners with 3 adjustable temperature controls. Two sturdy side tables easily keep condiments, utensils, and more at the ready. When it might be lighter than the LXE, the Coleman X-Cursive remains among the thicker portable grills round at 43 Pounds.

In addition to Coleman’s excellent range of cooking appliances, it also manufactures a wide choice of gear from tents to coolers, airbeds to lanterns. Everything they do is designed to make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors. So, whether you’re tailgating on a Friday night or setting off for a week in the wilderness, a Coleman grill provides you with the latest in portable cooking style and efficiency. Foldable design can be carried and transported using 1 hand. Cleanup is easy due to included grease tray. As one of the sturdier models we tested, one tested noted it was a good option for apartment dwellers and those looking to grill occasionally.

Hey there, I’m Ryan, the face behind Beyond The Tent. With decades of camping experiences – from childhood escapades in southern Minnesota to adventures across the state – I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge. Thankfully though, the Sportster was quite easy to assemble and took me only about 5 minutes from opening the box until fully assembled (and that was with taking a few pictures for this review. Another thing that I wish Coleman could have added was a collapsible handle. While the grill folds up nicely and is lightweight, the unit ends up being rather long when collapsed down which makes it take up more room in your car that it should have to.

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The 2 burners are adjustable, but customers say that the flames are basically only high or low. This perfect camping companion comes in a convenient carrying case. This lightweight, easy-to-stow grill makes grilling anywhere possible. Although a bit too large to be considered seriously for camping, the Napoleon also scored high in packability and transport—it collapses “like a stroller,” and has large, hefty wheels. A clip on the lid keeps everything in place in this beach- and apartment-friendly grill.

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Features double burners with easily removable grease-catching water pan. Heavy grate keeps burners clean and supports heat retention, but heat stays trapped inside. If you’re interested in a tabletop grill—one with shorter legs that can be setup on a picnic table or bench—you can’t do better than the Weber Q1200 Gas Grill. It’s incredibly well-constructed and sturdy, thanks to its bowed legs. Its strong, intense flame combined with cast iron grates produced one the best sears in our test, although it’s heavier than other models we tested, and slightly awkward to carry. We also really liked the Cuisinart CGG-750 Venture Gas Grill.

They’re available everywhere, are small enough to be easily portable, and thanks to Coleman’s advanced fuel management, offer plenty of cooking time. Comes with a removable grease tray for easy cleanup. Offers easy, matchless, push-button lighting with a cooking capacity of 225 sq.