Roadster Kids Tricycle Movable Seat & Handlebar

Even though the company sells more to institutions than directly to parents, you can buy an Angeles tricycle at retail. It comes at a higher price than our picks, but you can likely pass it on to other kids as well. Despite its heavier weight, we found that the smooth-riding Angeles was as easy to start and pedal as our pick. The preassembled bike is schwinn bicycles extremely stable, with spokeless wheels and a large banana seat that accommodates up to 70 pounds of weight, so it remains fun for bigger kids after they’ve outgrown our other picks. The Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll isn’t as versatile as our pick for littler kids, because it doesn’t have a protective ring and straps to hold a baby in place.

But it lacks a back support, adjusts only a bit to accommodate taller riders, and is very heavy at 21¼ pounds. In our tests, the Classic Red was harder to ride than the Joovy or any of our other picks. With a wide rear wheel position, the Meridian tricycle provides more stability than a bicycle so riders of all experience levels can get around easily. The low standover aluminum frame makes it easy to get on and off, while the extra-large seat offers superior comfort on every ride.

Beyond the glitz, we found that the Roadster provides a smooth, stable ride, especially compared with similar low-riders made of plastic (like the modern version of the beloved Big Wheel). The Roadster’s size and weight makes it better balanced than our pick, even in fast turns. Its steel construction is durable, with pneumatic tires that support weight up to 50 pounds. When kids are this age, they tend to make sense of the world around them by mimicking what they see the adults doing.

Light-up features and engine sounds add the alluring characteristics of the real thing into the mix. And while having fun is on the agenda, your little one will learn critical thinking and problem-solving schwinn tricycle skills along the way. The SmarTrike Lollipop 3 in 1 Baby Trike is designed for babies starting at 10 months up to kids 3 years, a narrower age range than other convertible trikes.

Playing dress-up is an important component in a toddler’s play time. There’s something nostalgic and delightful about seeing your kid don a cape and mask — just like you did back in the day — and engage in superhero play. The Superhero Capes Set from RioRand comes with an assortment of outfits inspired by the big heroes from Marvel and DC. Cool masks and slap bracelets complete these colorful ensembles, allowing for all sorts of cosplay fun to be had.

This eye-catching bright red tricycle has three speeds, so it’s perfect for riding in slightly hilly areas where you’ll be tackling some inclines but nothing too sharp or extensive. The basket has a solid base and a liner, which makes it great for carrying all kinds of items without worrying about them falling out. The lightweight aluminum frame means you don’t have to put in too much effort to move your trike around, while the extra-wide and luxuriously padded seat is the height of comfort. It’s only available in a 26-inch wheel size, so it isn’t ideal for anyone under 5 foot 4.