Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Integrated LED Lights, 3 Rooms, 47 87 lbs

Do NOT phone in the guyline portion of set-up (regardless of the weather) or you’ll risk damaging the tent. Finally, the material of this shelter is noticeably higher quality than many Ozark Trail tents, but the 68D polyester is still not as thick as we’d like. You’ll want to properly inspect the tent when you receive it to ensure it wasn’t damaged in transit (this is a common complaint), and take care not to overstress the material when pitching it and taking it back down.

I don’t think this Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent will do very well against strong winds. This Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent can accommodate 10 single sleeping pads or sleeping bags, and here’s what having 10 pads in this 10-person tent looks like. These pins are a little harder to use, especially during takedown, and they have a greater likelihood of pinching the skin. Fully enclosed and ready to protect you from sun, wind, rain, AND bugs, the Clam Outdoors Quick-Set Escape is a perfect shelter for the campground.

Another situation where this instant style pays off is if you get to your campsite in the middle of a downpour, as you can trade of a minute or so in the rain for a quick shelter. Drawing the eye of family campers as extra storage space, or shelter from rain/sun is paramount when camping with children. But the area is 140 ft² (13 m²) so this is far too small for such a number of users although indeed it should be possible to put 10 sleeping pads on the floor. Note again that the tent is fully floored, so this can work for a group of friends at a summer festival and for other similar activities.

Its walls are 75-denier polyester fabric (tougher than the Wireless 6’s 68-denier polyester and the same as the REI Co-op Base Camp’s) that extends about two-thirds up the tent’s sides, and then is topped with mesh. The partial fly does a great job of keeping rain out of the upper, mesh areas, and cleverly placed vents maintain airflow so it never feels too stuffy. The Wireless 6 goes up easily, using the same kind of intuitive pole and clip method as our couples’ pick. The fly is equally simple to attach and orient with color-coded clips. This type of pole tends to be less flexible and bulkier than pricier aluminum, and it can be a pain to handle. The Mineral King 3’s fly attaches intuitively with plastic buckles and has well-placed guy tabs.

But with car camping—the industry term for what most people consider just camping—you’ll likely be parking next to your campsite and unloading. If you won’t be carrying your tent more than a couple hundred feet, more space means more comfort (as well as more room for your stuff). We also think it’s one of the more spacious 9 person models on the market, with large space able to fit multiple large mattresses.

However, the Wireless 6’s poles were the best fiberglass ones we tested—they left no splinters, unlike those on the Camp Creek 6 or the Copper Canyon LX 6. But it’s one of the least expensive tents we found that had no significant drawbacks and will truly cover your bases for three-season camping. The tent also ozark trail canopy tent comes with its own footprint, a groundsheet that protects the tent from abrasion, which we recommend that you have. We also appreciated the shepherd’s hook stakes that come with the tent. Most of the tents we tested came with basic L-shaped stakes, which tended to spin around in the soil and slip a line.

Whether it’s finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we’ll help you get it right (the first time). An avid swimmer, surfer, hiker, and camper, she currently lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where she can be found, as much as possible, in water. Throughout all our testing, we wanted to know how it felt to be inside the tents for long periods of time. If we had to spend a day in the tent during a storm, would it be comfortable? After first removing the models that failed the structural tests, we slept, watched the stars, and ate our meals in all of the tents, as well as planned hikes from them. Even though Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Tent is a rather large tent, you want to make sure there is a good amount of venting going on.

With the elimination of mozzies and other nasties, it makes your relaxation even more sweet, as you don’t have to worry about itchy bites or douse yourself in bug spray. The space is large enough to fit 2 or 3 zero gravity chairs as well as a small table, has full mesh on every inch of it, and a large T door for easy access. Trailspace’s community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top warm weather tents. Tent is made of polyester and steel with large windows and mesh screen. I’ve always wanted an instant tent and heard how easy it is to pop up. After I ordered the product at Walmart.com, I went to the store to pay cash.