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It turned out I’d run miles into the woods. It took me all damn day to find my clothes and find my way back home. I was worried kent mountain bike about rabies so I went to the doc and got the shots. Four shots over fourteen days and the doctor said I’d be fine.

Our instructors will organise teams and individual games, make sure everyone gets involved and ensure they all enjoy the competition. Our range is perfect for beginners and the distance and size of the bows will be set to suit the group ability. Our birthday parties are ideal for your wild one!

At 10,210 feet, this champion-level par 63 course has a mix of large elevation changes and tight fairways that will test every shot in your bag. Bring a spotter because it has long holes and punishing rough. Enjoy a game of baseball or softball at one of our fields located at Playfield picnic area, as well as North Martindale picnic areas. If you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right spot! Your Huron-Clinton Metroparks offer hundreds of events and program all year long, so you’ll never run out of things to do.

Session includes – safety briefing, blaster briefing, arena rules and many battles such as Team Deathmatch and Capture the Base, all provided by our friendly staff. Orienteering is the adventure sport for all. Participants walk or run around the park finding your route between marker posts (controls) using the special orienteering map.

Reservations can be made no more than 5 days in advance. Please arrive on time for your reservation. We’re adding new accessible picnic tables and grills to several picnic shelters kent electric bike throughout the park system. Work continues on installation of new concrete grill pads and securing picnic tables in arrangements that allow for unobstructed movement around them.

You’ve got a problem that I don’t have and I’m sure that’s a bitch, but dude, I suggest you stop stealing bikes. Folks tend to be quite attached to their kent mountain bike wheels and not everybody has as much practice keeping their rage in check as I do. I decided to bring the deer head and leave this note as warning.

I’ve got to get on with my life, I suggest you do the same with yours. South Kent School is a founding member of the Housatonic Mountain Biking League (HMBL). The HMBL is composed of eight Western New England area schools that rotate hosting regular season and championship races.

Safety and care

We will ensure your visit is as safe, rewarding and fun as possible. All our activities are risk assessed and relevant forms will be provided in advance of your visit. We are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. We ask you to read our Policy and agree to meet the same standards as those expected of our staff.