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For over thirty years the work has gone on and thousands of young women and their children have been empowered to start over with skills and options. The work is currently in 7 countries and 12 cities around the world. Given below is the link to the Dating Guide for Peterson’s pipes at the end of the article on You must be 21 years or older to buy our products in accordance with current FDA regulations. We are committed to providing our services only to people who are of the proper age, and to protecting our youth as best as we possibly can.

I would recommend running a pipe cleaner down the stem, as far as it will go, immediately after finishing a bowl, but disassembly and thorough cleaning can wait until the next day or any other convenient time. Most of the standard systems are made from good quality briar. All are fitted with nickel mounts and army style mouthpiece. There are fourteen models to choose from, with a choice of highly polished or rustic finish.

This one is a bent billiard with a rectangular shank, band and saddle stem. I will know more once I have it in hand to clean and restore. The nickel ferrule is made for the filter style stem that holds a Savinelli Balsa Filter. Another of the older briars was made sometime between the late 1890s and early 1900s. The idea behind this is; the smoke leaving the smaller diameter and entering the larger diameter will expand and slow down, thus dropping more moisture before entering your mouth. To some people the cleaning of system pipes can appear to be problematic, in fact they are in most cases easy to clean.

I would suggest the period 1890 to 1915 is the true ‘Patent era’. From my humble observations the Patent stamping on pipes from that time, were more apparent and attributable with some degree of accuracy. made during the majority of this period had no “Country of Manufacture” (COM) stamped on them. However, later around 1916, they began stamping their pipes “Made in Ireland” in a block format.

In this group you will find the basic entry level pipes which many smokers desire and are most comfortable with for every day and rotation use. The two most famous and popular issues probably being chacom tobacco pipes the System and the Classic shape pipes. All of the pipes in this group can be purchased for relatively little cost and probably accounts for the majority of Petersons world wide pipe sales.

The new shop, formerly the John Morton Jewellers and Silversmiths, first opened its doors in 1875. The shop has seen a lot of history, it was located just around the corner from the end of Grafton St. on Nassau side of which is the campus of Trinity College. I am privileged in that I have a good variety of both entry and higher grade peterson pipes within my collection.