Ozark Trail Grey Screenhouse

I loved the size of this screen house but after a few uses, the 4-way hub gable cracked and a couple of the curved roof poles bent a little. Like the REI and L.L.Bean canopy shelters, this Clam tent has a generous fabric skirt at its base that is designed to keep determined insects—and pooling rainwater—out. If we were camping somewhere infested with mosquitoes or no-see-ums and could fit the Clam in our vehicle, we’d prefer it over any of our other picks.

Before staking out a tent, make sure all of its doors are zipped closed to avoid staking it too tightly and straining the zippers. Like regular camping tents, these camping ozark trail chairs gazebos are not intended to be left up for extended periods, as the fabrics are susceptible to UV damage. To avoid mildew, never pack away a wet or damp tent.

There’s shade, and fewer bugs than outside the screenhouse. Will I come home and just find the screenhouse gone, or will I see it blowing around in the street, trailing pipe segments? What about the rain, or the potential for 120-degree heat? For the moment, my dream of an extra room in the back yard has come true. We’ve had this piece of garbage for 2 years now and haven’t been able to use it since we purchased it. We set it up one day, and by the next day or so it was down.

The add-on rain fly and tent-floor combo is also well liked. It’s starting to wear out and I’m looking to replace but can’t find one anywhere. We bought this screen house at an auction for $5. Sadly it blew over over in a storm last night breaking two corner pieces and the middle X broke. We are looking for these pieces if anyone wants to sell.

MSR’s Habitude 6 is also a good tent, but it costs about $200 more. Unfortunately, you have to buy a separate groundsheet for the Wawona 6 and for most other tents its size as well. The Wireless 6 goes up easily, ozark trail chairs using the same kind of intuitive pole and clip method as our couples’ pick. The L.L.Bean Woodlands Screen House has a much more consistently glowing history of online reviews than does the REI tent.