Our Guide to the Best Electric Shavers in Canada in 2023 And Where to Get Them

With a charge time that clocked in at just over an hour in my testing, the Philips SatinShave Prestige blew away its competition by charging the fastest by a long shot. By comparison, our best value pick takes around an hour and a half to charge but isn’t as fully featured. The Philips SatinShave razor has two foil blades and a cutter made of hypoallergenic stainless … It’s important to note that using an electric razor requires a break-in period—for your face, not for the razor. It takes about two weeks for your skin to get used to using an electric razor.

In our experience, the 4000-series razor didn’t shave closely enough to be worth their bargain prices. However, one member of our test panel has been using a 4000-series model for years, and they still love it, even philips body groomer after trying much more expensive models. Because of their shape, Philips Norelco razors need to be held in the cleaning base by a kind of stalk-like support, which means an extra step of inserting the razor.

I was still stuck on the pre-shave, shaving cream, razor, aftershave hamster wheel and couldn’t seem to get off. No matter what I did, and no matter what product I tried, I couldn’t seem to get rid of them. For most people, foil-style electric razors typically provide a closer shave. But if you prefer a rotary-style shaver, we recommend the Philips Norelco Shaver 9300, which includes a cleaning system. Based on our research and testing, we believe a foil shaver produces a better shave for most facial hair. But if you prefer a rotary style, consider Philips Norelco’s Shaver 9300 (or another model in the brand’s 9000 line).

Most electric shavers are waterproof, rechargeable and cordless, which also means they can be used in the shower and easily cleaned — and yes, that means they pair nicely with shaving cream too. The F has the look of a Braun clone and uses a proven dual-foil system with a center lift-and-cut trimmer mated to a pivoting head. But unlike the Braun Series 7 foil block, which pivots along two axes, this less-expensive shaver pivots only up and down. Although no cleaning system is available, you can easily rinse the shaver under running water. The battery life is about 60 minutes, a bit less than what Braun’s model offers, but that should be more than enough for most people, even when you’re traveling.

Well, you could read our expertly-crafted guide to find the best electric shavers for men. If you’re someone who’s constantly fighting those pesky neck hairs, then this powerful new shaver brings AI into your bathroom and harnesses it to deliver an epic close shave. The rotary heads make it easy to move with you skin, and the pressure sensors alert you when you’re pressing too hard or not enough. The Dual Steel Precision blades cut at a whopping 150,000 cuts per minute so no errant hair is left behind no matter how quickly you have to get ready. And if that’s not smart enough for you, the accompanying app tracks your shaves and offers you tips to improve. No matter your reason for using an electric razor, the biggest thing is finding the right one.

All Braun shavers include a two-year warranty, which covers everything but the foil and cutting block. Our shavers (5000 Series and above) have 360-D flexibility, to keep optimum contact along your facial contours. This enables a more philips trimmer blade even distribution of the shaving pressure, for higher skin comfort. The long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of cordless runtime and it has a quiet motor — that makes it great for anyone sensitive to sound.

One question we’ve been asked a lot is whether to use a pre-shave. The magic ingredient in most pre-shaves is isopropyl myristate, a synthetic oil created by compounding alcohol and a fatty acid. Combined, the two provide lubrication (the substance is also a key ingredient in Liquid Wrench) without a greasy feeling, so claims that they help an electric razor to glide are probably credible. As with the more expensive Braun models, this Remington comes with a two-year warranty. Remington recommends annual replacement of the shaver’s cutting block and foil, which are sold as a combo pack for about $40. Two of the reasons you may prefer using an electric razor on your face instead of a manual razor are convenience (being able to shave anytime, anywhere without water) and safety (no risk of nicks).