10 Best Electric Bikes of 2023 Tested by GearLab

Class 2 e-bikes also have a top motor speed of 20mph (although it is possible to ride them faster if your legs are strong enough). Like class 1, they also have a pedal assist option with different levels of power, depending on your preference. E-bikes that fall into the class 2 category are usually allowed in bike lanes and multi-use paths, but there are exceptions in certain states.

2-year limited warranty on electrical components, 10-year limited warranty on aluminum frame. In our opinion, the best cargo bikes are more likely to replace huffy mountain bike a car for most people than any other style of electric bike. Add a motor to this style of bike, and you’re that much closer to living car-free.

Hutchens has spent his life imparting his two-wheeled passion to others as a coach, racer, mechanic, guide, shop owner, and consultant. Long-time Tahoe resident and occasional pro racer Jeremy Benson also contributed his time and knowledge to this review. Benson has been riding bikes for over 30 years and has authored huffy beach cruiser a book on bike trails in and around the Lake Tahoe basin, Mountain Bike Tahoe. Smaine was a South Lake Tahoe native, World Champion skier, talented rider, and a meaningful contributor to our reviews. In addition to offering a wide variety of adult bikes, Huffy is also known for its huge selection of fun kids’ bikes.

Rad Power Bikes actually scored two bikes in my favorite cargo/utility category. While single-speed e-bikes are certainly a type of commuter e-bike, I gave them their own category due to the rising popularity in 2020 of this style of e-bike. While the Super73 Z1 doesn’t have the power or battery huffy beach cruiser capacity of these other impressive e-bikes, it made my list for its low cost and swagger. At $2,199, this is another reasonably priced e-bike considering the high power and high capacity battery you’re getting. It’s just a beautifully designed and outfitted e-bike at a very fair price.

Ultimately, we were impressed by the power, range, comfort, smooth ride, and included features of the 700-Series, not to mention the competitive price. It is perfect for around-town commutes, errand runs, or outdoor adventures. It has performance stats similar to its cousin, the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser.

With so many unique advantages among the many different bikes, I’ve chosen my favorite models from several different categories of e-bikes below. When you begin to pedal, the motor provides power, but the output usually needs to be manually adjusted using the controls on the handlebar. Some cadence sensors are a bit “smarter” because they can count pedal rotations (but still do not sense how hard you are pedaling) to adjust power output automatically. Because it’s foldable, you can store the Huffy Oslo in a small apartment or backyard shed to maximize your living space. The frame is also composed of a lightweight aluminum frame for durability and convenience.

Whatever your interest in electric bikes, we have information, advice, and recommendations to help you choose the best fit for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Commuter bikes are purpose-built and can potentially replace cars for some riders. They often have quick power output and may operate at higher speeds to keep up with city traffic. Depending on your commute length, you may want to look for a commuter bike with a larger battery to boost the range you can travel. Electric bikes that fall into Class 1 are pedal-assist only, which means that power is only delivered when the rider is moving the pedals, and most of the time, there is no throttle on the handlebar. If there is one, it offers an extra power boost, but it only works when the rider is pedaling.