Ozark Trail 12 x 14 Screen House Reviews

We tested the Coleman 10 × 10 Instant Screened Canopy and Walmart’s Ozark Trail 10′ × 10′ Instant Screen House during our first round of testing in the winter and spring of 2016. These two shelters are the same size and shape (7-foot peak height, 17 pounds) with an almost identical design. The cap-like roofs on both models provided far less shade than we wanted, especially in the beating desert sun. The mesh walls do have a ribbon of polyester at the foot, but even carefully staked they can leave gaps at the ground; if bug protection is your main concern, these tents would likely fall short.

I came in from work one day and to my surprise it was 60 yards away from me all torn up from landing on my neighbor’s spiked fence. It was torn up pretty bad so I decided to trash it. They easily convert to accept traditional athletic shoes with the snap-in locking toe clips. We lead by example by creating authentic, broad-based content and utilizing a coaching approach that allows instructors to connect with members from all fitness levels.

However, this model is too big to fit in the trunks of most sedans, and the muted colors look good when it’s sunny but can feel a bit gloomy if it’s already rainy out. The geodesic structure of the Base Camp tents is built to withstand wind and rain. It has two main that thread through sleeves, stretching between the four corners of the tent.

New inventory for these models is not expected to be available until September. Acumium brought a strategic and disciplined approach to our website development and design process, with a true focus on our consumers and optimizing their experiences. I am ozark trail chairs really excited to take the project to the next phase for the brand. The Screen House Shelter packs into a reasonably roomy drawstring bag with a strap that makes the canopy tent much easier to transport than tents, like the L.L.Bean, that lack a strap.

Over the years, I have evaluated gear for magazines including Wired, Popular Science, and National Geographic Adventure, where I was a senior editor. During the winter and early spring of 2017, we added four more canopy tents to our testing lineup. In addition to the models from REI and L.L.Bean, which became our new top picks, we tested the Coleman 15 × 13 Instant Screenhouse and the Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House. If you love camping but hate eating your morning pancakes in the rain, a canopy tent can protect you from the trifecta of bugs, sun, and sudden showers. Our favorite canopy tent is a simply designed, comfortable shelter that offers protection from bugs, sun, and rain. If anyone has a hub gable or #1 Roof pole, I would be interested in buying those parts.

We follow the blog and are able to stay in budget and get twice as many items for the family. Walmart offers FREE shipping on purchases over $35. Log In to be able to add this product to your Wish List. Browse Ozark Trail’s top-rated hiking and camping gear and more.