Ozark Trail 12 Person Camping Tents for sale

This makes charging your devices or running electric heaters/stoves simple. Additionally, there is large shelf storage on the tent’s interior wall so you can house your essentials an arm’s length away. Finally, repacking the tent is made easy with the large carrying case. First, if you are not a fan of setting up tents (or manual labor in general), this one can be pitched in one or two minutes. Second, most campers head into the woods after the work week has ended. This means its highly likely you will get to your campsite sometime after the sun has gone down, making for pitch black conditions.

For cons, there’s only 1 door in the entire 10-person tent, there’s almost no ventilation at all when it’s raining, and it also leaks within just 15 minutes of light rain. Marmot uses color coding smartly to help you position the tent as well as set it up. Both of the doors zip open to the side that’s color-coded blue, as opposed to zipping open to opposite sides. In other words, one partner—or one partner’s gear—is always going to get a dose of weather when they head out.

Sometimes, one of the elbow joints of the poles would jam and won’t coleman cooler prop up properly, and I’d have to fold it back up and try to prop it back up again. Also, I noticed a pretty big pool of water from the zipper of the hinged D-door at about 30 minutes of light rain (so maybe it started leaking at around 15 minutes in). Some campers might find the Wawona 6’s footprint unwieldy in smaller campsites, or they might simply prefer a tent with a more straightforward design. If you want a six-person tent made with high-quality materials but a traditional profile, we recommend the similarly priced Big Agnes Spicer Peak 6, or Nemo’s Aurora Highrise 6. Unfortunately, you have to buy a separate groundsheet for the Wawona 6 and for most other tents its size as well. A tent that requires staking to stand up—especially a larger, six-person tent—is unwieldy, and it’ll be impossible to set up on a hard surface such as blacktop or on raised wooden tent decks.

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent has just 1 door, which is a D-shaped door, and it’s located somewhere along the length of the tent. Finally, attach all the pole clips, place the rainfly over the Ozark Trail tent, ozark trail canopy tent secure it, and stake out the entire tent. Whether you’re thinking of hitting the road or staying close to home for your next car-camping adventure, you and your loved ones will need a comfortable place to sleep.

This tent’s combination of floor space, livability, and value make it a home run for large groups or families looking to spread out in style, but this 12-person behemoth won’t be everyone’s first choice. Every year, thousands of new campers get their first taste of the outdoors in an Ozark Trail tent. Their combination of space and affordability catches the eye of many campers, but the details on these shelters can be lacking. If you’re considering an Ozark Trail yourself, you’re in the right place.

I didn’t pay much for this tent (just slightly over $100), and I don’t think there’s any other brand apart from Ozark Trail that you can buy a 10-person tent for this price. You might get a little bit of ventilation through the gap between the ceiling mesh and the rainfly, but I think it’s pretty minimal. We’ve tested (and recommended) Eureka tents in past versions of this guide. In October 2023, Eureka’s parent company, Johnson Outdoors, announced that it was discontinuing the Eureka brand.

It can comfortably fit three queen airbeds or up to 12 campers in sleeping bags on the floor. Two internal room dividers allow you to create separate sleeping and living spaces so you can camp as a family and still have separate spaces ozark trail shower tent with separate rooms. The Ozark Trail 16′ x 16′ Instant Cabin Tent sleeps 12 and has a rainfly and carry bag for convenience. It also comes with cord access, so you can camp in the backyard and use the electricity from your home.

Sometimes I worry that these fiberglass poles will break, because they’re not that sturdy. The Base Camp tents include a low side vent and multiple stuff pockets on the walls and ceiling, which are made of 75D polyester treated with 1500mm of polyurethane waterproofing. Note that these tents are strictly meant for car camping; the Base Camp 4 and the Base Camp 6 weigh 16 and 21 pounds, respectively, so you won’t want to carry either one very far. To compare tent fabrics, you also need to know their overall rip strength.