The 6 Best Camping Tents for 2023 Reviews by Wirecutter

No assembly is required; this shelter is ready to go right out of the box and can be fully deployed in less than a minute. We do admit there is a small learning curve to setting up the Escape, but once you’re locked in, popping this canopy into place is really fun and even somewhat addictive. We found that company representatives are reluctant to estimate the lifespan of their tents. When pushed, most of the reps we talked to estimated five to 10 years, though the actual lifespan will vary widely depending on care and frequency of use (for more advice, read REI’s excellent tips). In conducting research for this guide, we heard multiple tales of careful campers who had been using the same tent for 15 years or more. A senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Kit Dillon has written about everything from backpacks and cooking gear to luggage and road-tripping.

His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado. This helps transport it to and from your campsite, and the 48 x 11 x 11 inch size means it stores out of sight once you are back home. It has received a lot of positive reviews as it is laden with accessories, has a good quality build, and is priced affordably. I have decided to show you this Ozark Trail tent side by side with some of its competitors with the same declared capacity. For all the reasons mentioned above, we’ve found that the Ozark Trail Three Room Instant Cabin is the best Ozark Trail tent overall. Its combination of a spacious floor plan, smart layout, and added livability all work together to make it the stand-out model in the Ozark Trail lineup.

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent also comes with a room divider, so you can split the tent into 2 rooms, and each “room” can fit 2 queen-sized camping mattresses. There’s also 1 lantern loop at the very top of the tent for some lighting at night. I can’t reach this either, but you should be fine if you’re a little taller. The length of the Ozark Trail tent is about 13 feet and 9 inches, while the width is about 9 feet and 11 inches, so slightly smaller than the marketed dimensions of 14 by 10 feet. The lowest height in the tent, which is at the four corners, is about 65 inches. This is slightly taller than my height, so I could stand up everywhere inside the Ozark Trail Tent, even at the corners.

However, we feel the tarp-style floor stays a little hot in the sun, and it tends to collect dirt, sand, and water. The Easy Up is a self-contained product with no assembly required, making it easy to set up, take down, and store in your garage, coat closet, or car trunk. Five large weight bags attach and can be filled with sand to keep everything in place.

I didn’t think I had a large enough space in my backyard to pitch this tent (14×13.5) I barely squeezed it in my yard. I laid down a tarp before I took out the tent from its box and it took me about 15 minutes to put up (&and I don’t like reading instruction but it is on the inside of the duffle bag). In summary, this Tent with Built-in Cabin Lights comes with plenty of useful features, this is a pleasant and functional design suitable for summer camping. The Coleman tent is an instant setup design but it is also a dark-rest tent. Seasons-wise & climate-wise, I see it best suited for summer camping without much rain and winds.

First off, dome tents are typically less expensive since they have fewer total parts and less sophisticated frames. Second, dome tents tend to fare better in bad weather because they’re rounded shapes are more aerodynamic. Ozark Trail tents are pretty much all “fair-weather” shelters, but dome tents get the advantage here.

The 14 steel stakes that came with the tent are just your standard tent stakes, nothing impressive. The 6 wall poles are made of steel, I think, but they’re probably not stainless steel, because I found some rust on one of these steel poles. So after washing your tent and I also do rinse off the poles, do let them dry first before storing it away. The mesh doesn’t exactly feel soft and silky, and I’m pretty sure it’s not no-see-um mesh, though it’ll keep the bigger bugs out. Some parts of the stitching aren’t that great as well, and there were fairly big holes, especially where the guylines are connected to the main tent body. Also, I noticed that some water was already seeping through the blue fabric at the bottom of the tent, and the fabric is pretty much soaked.

Which is the main reason people opt for the screen rooms, for that little area to chill in. It was very difficult to roll the tent back into its original shape to return to store. I’ve read many people have had the same problems and went to army surplus to buy a bigger durable storage bag.These are the two QUEEN Mattress I received with my ozark trail shower tent bundle order. I did not open these boxes because they too needed to be returned with the tent. You have plenty of mesh around and if you have to keep all the windows and doors closed, you still have a large vent on its narrow side, see the picture below. This together with the mesh on the ceiling will create enough vertical air circulation.