Best Ozark Trail Coolers: 8 Models That Suit Every Outdoor Need

For a leak-proof, easily transportable cooler with excellent build quality, the 35-quart Ozark Trail premium is ideal. It also has lots of nifty features for versatility, from a waterproof interior light that can be removed for use as a flashlight to multiple tie-down points. Our favorite feature of the Ozark Trail Soft Coolers is their additional storage options.

The lower-end can models take a very traditional approach in styling. Also, there aren’t a lot of colors to choose from (3 is the maximum we have found for a particular model). The tote and cooler backpack look much more progressive but are limited to just one color choice. We would welcome ozark cooler some additional color choices and perhaps a slight facelift to the more plain-looking models in the future. We like the sharp edges and progressive appearance of the Ozark Trail Coolers. Also, the stainless steel hardware and orange accents on the latches and handles look very sharp.

But it does fall a bit short of the top-tier premium coolers in the industry. The ice life, well not bad, was not near what Ozark Trail stated in their specifications. We have a hunch this is because their testing was performed under more optimal conditions. Sure, if we were to fill the cooler up to the brim with nothing but ice, never open it, and leave it in a cool/dark area, the ice life would go way up. And while we are on the subject of the premium soft-sided coolers, there are a few additional features specific to them. They include built-in bottle openers, daisy chain attachment points, compression strap, thicker insulation, and a wash-friendly 600D outer coating.

There are orange accents on the latches and handles which definitely give them a premium look. In terms of color options, however, you only get silver and white. The Ozark Trail Soft Cooler lineup is a solid contribution to this ever-growing company. There are enough size options and configurations to make most people happy. For those who need something simple and cheap, the 12-can and 24-can models are great.

It’s the perfect take-along for a day on the boat with 2 drink holders and a fish ruler or pack it up with food and beverages for your next beach day. It’s also certified bear-resistant if you’re in need of a new cooler for camping. If you don’t love your purchase in the first 45 days, you can get a full refund with our hassle-free return process. Just fill out this form and we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label. If you ever experience a product defect, we’ll repair or replace your cooler for free. The Ozark Trail coolers are beneficial new alternative to buy, they are made molded cooler t-latch handle kit – Ozark Trail style.

The cooler also includes a keyless remote control, the Ozark Trail coolers are enticing choice to keep your cool in the heat of battle. With 24 can welding coolers, you can keep your backpack cool during your travels, this backpack cooler also extends a wide mouth to suit a lot of coolers. We have been receiving a lot of complaints as of late from people who are mentioning that the zippers on their soft-sided coolers are going out after 6 to 12 months.

We hope that in the future, Ozark Trail decides to expand on the color choices and perhaps have some customization options as well. An example of the color choices for the popular 24-can soft cooler is shown in the image below. But you can anticipate the walls to be between 2.5” and 3” thick. This is about average among premium ozark trail canopy coolers that we have tested in the past. And these thick walls are coated in a UV-resistant layer that helps to protect the cooler from sun damage over time. Currently, you can choose between a 6-can cooler, 12-can cooler, 24-can cooler, 36-can cooler, 42-can cooler, premium backpack cooler, and premium tote cooler.

You will find that nearly every model is extremely affordable. This is a big reason why this company has been so popular over the past few years and it makes it easier to overlook any issues that we may have with them. To achieve the ozark cooler extremely attractive price point that they did, Ozark Trail likely had to sacrifice a few things in the quality department. The result is a cooler that doesn’t have quite the level of fit and finish as, say, a Yeti or an Engel.

The coolers remained in the same location for the duration of the 6 day test, only being opened to snap daily progress pictures. The Pelican also features a different pull handle than the Yeti and Ozark coolers as well. I do think the Pelicans pull handle is the lowest on my list of the three. One of the best selling points (pun intended) of Ozark Trail Coolers is their great asking price.