Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair

We discovered that even though most testers had not previously considered a shade-equipped camp chair, once they used one they appreciated the comfort and convenience of built-in sun blocking. The Coleman Mesh Quad Chair AC7006 is perfect for your tailgating, spectator and camping needs. With a mesh cup holder in the right arm and a mesh pocket in the back you can conveniently store everything you need. For added convenience, this folding chair has a built-in carrying strap, so no need to keep track of a bag. Show off your team spirit or corporate pride by adding your custom branding. The Helinox Chair One weighs about 2 pounds, compresses smaller than a 2-liter bottle of soda, and is the most comfortable and easy to stow of the three top backpacking chairs we tested.

When we set up a dozen chairs around the campfire without comment, people consistently claimed them from largest to smallest. The Coleman camping chair is big and durable, and of all the upright chairs that our panel of campers tested, it was the most comfortable. If your chair isn’t holding up anymore, it may be time for a new one. Those curious should head over to our buyer’s guide for everything you need to know about what your criteria should be. From there, our best camp chairs of the season can give you side-by-side comparisons of some of the top picks across the industry. If you’re in the market for a new camp chair and aren’t sure where to start, our buyer’s guide has a ton of resources to help you get started.

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Like competing chairs, the Chair One has a nylon and mesh seat and aluminum legs, which are linked with shock cord (the chair legs are made out of the same material as high-end tent poles). Because people use outdoor chairs for an array of purposes and have different preferences when it comes to comfort, it was almost impossible to choose just one best chair. We did select our favorite upright chair for car camping and tailgating, and then additional low-to-the-ground, ultra-lightweight, and canopy picks, as well as a great chair for kids. The 4-pound, steel-construction REI chair has an attached carry strap, rather than a carry bag like the other chairs. After a couple of camping trips, we concluded that a strap is more convenient than a bag—quicker and easier for a kid to grab the chair and go, without parental help.

Here’s a list of some of our top contenders in the durability category. If you notice some mildew on your chair or happened to enjoy a particularly muddy weekend, cleaning off your camp chair is a relatively straightforward process. I’d also recommend the Cooler Quad to anyone who wants a roomier camp chair but doesn’t want to spring for the more expensive top-of-the-line models. The Cooler Quad’s weight capacity is a staggering 325 lbs, which is about as substantial a construction as you’re going to get out of a chair in this price range.

There aren’t many other options out there with such a high carrying capacity, this many features, and low weight at any price range. Comfort is often something that gets overlooked at the behest of cool features. Thankfully the Cooler coleman canopy Quad does a great job balancing robust construction with add-ons such as the titular 4-can cooler on the left armrest. You know you’re getting a quality chair with an integrated cooler rather than a carry cooler with a seat.

Coleman advertises this chair as having a headrest, which we think is a bit of a stretch. The back of the chair does go up behind where a head could theoretically be (based on height and posture). However, unless you hit the exact right position, the unsupported fabric does very little to hold your head up. For retail purchases returned with a receipt, please return the unused and unopened item, with the

original sales receipt, for a full refund or exchange. All returns with a gift receipt will receive a store

credit for the amount of the item at the time of purchase.

Even though Coleman’s Cooler Quad is one of the larger chairs that we’ve tested, it’s by no means the heaviest. Weighing in at a negligible 8lbs 2oz, the Cooler Quad won’t punish you for parking a little coleman chair ways away from your intended destination. When you consider this in tandem with the carrying sleeve, the Cooler Quad lies somewhere on the more portable end of the full-sized camp chair spectrum.