Chacom Club #127 Pipe

For a beginner, who most of the time is a dummy, reading all the posts in different forums to learn a general procedure how to do the work is extremely important. In rebornpipes captain black tobacco I found a lot of information and suggestions on how to proceed. I prepared a fresh mixture of CA glue and activated charcoal and applied it to area to be filled.

By 1928 the London Chacom factory had begun completely making pipes in London and the supplies from St Claude were no longer required. Rather than closing the original factory the company was renamed Comoy (a combination of both names) in 1928. Shapes, ranges and grading remained the same between the two factories and Chacom was only sold in France, Switzerland and Belguim.

The wood has been carefully selected and finished to create a perfect surface that is comfortable to hold.The Giant size Chacom Monstre pipe has an impressive size. It has a roomy tobacco bowl that provides enough space for your favourite tobacco and allows for a long smoking experience. With its robust design, high quality and impressive size, it is a pipe that you simply must have if you are an avid pipe lover. While they were exploding in popularity during the turn of the last century, Chapuis-Comoy started seeing some competition from outside of France.

Seeing a dirty and damaged pipe come back to life makes me extremely happy. That happiness comes from fact that I am handling something that is old and has a long history. Sometimes I ask to myself how the previous pipe smoker could smoke them. Sometimes I get a stem with double hole, a tobacco chamber with a very limited space. It is then that I remember when my father told me when I was younger that my great-grandparent’s pipe needed maintenance .

In it I wanted to show both what I am looking for and how I move forward in addressing what I see when work on a pipe. It is probably the most straightforward detailed description of my work process that I have done. As always I encourage your questions and comments as you read the blog.

The stems on both these pipes have large gaping hole near the button end, exposing the stem’s airway. I shall be working on the stems of both these pipes simultaneously while the stummel will be worked on separately. The write up on both, though separate, is being uploaded at the same time so as to maintain continuity. Since 2020 MBSD Ingram LLC, owner of, has been the trusted supplier of smoking tobacco pipe enthusiasts world-wide.