Kent Electric Cruiser E-bike review: affordable e-cycling

With nearly 10 years of experience with electric bikes, we are one of the leading experts on Electric bikes in Kent. With nearly 10 years of experience with electric bikes, we are one of the leading experts on e-bikes in Kent. With a price of $1,498, Kent’s mid-drive e-bike certainly isn’t competing with the several thousand dollar models that use German mid-drive motors, and so it likely opts for a Chinese motor. That isn’t a bad thing, as many riders (including myself) have been very happy with lower-cost mid-drive motors.

There are medium and low power modes that provide even softer assist. An LED battery meter is mounted on the handlebars that also houses the power mode selector. The motor doesn’t add any assist unless the rider is pedaling, and the assist cuts out kent mountain bike immediately when pedaling stops. The brake levers that control a pair of V-brakes also have sensors to cut motor power any time the brakes are pulled. The motor is supplied by an adorable little 24V 5.2Ah battery with just 125 Who of capacity.

Somehow, me and my wife made it the whole 16 miles without a flat and with our brains intact. We have staff that live in Kent, so delivery and return of bikes can be arranged at ease. The new bikes and scooters will be an advantage for students with long treks across campus said sophomore architecture major Shane Harris.

Why don’t you take time out to come see our Bodiam e-bike showroom, situated on the Kent / East Sussex Border? Come and view the biggest range of electric bikes in Kent, including trikes and accessories, and try any kent electric bike of our models out for yourself to find the best bike for you. A new partnership with SPIN, an electronic bike and scooter service, will provide 100 electric bikes and 100 electric scooters within the city of Kent.

It can be a good option for those that want the utility of an electric bicycle but don’t have a lot of spare cash. But while Walmart is known for its super cheap e-bikes, the company has never offered higher-end e-bikes with nicer features like mid-drive motors. At least, not until now with the launch of Kent’s new mid-drive electric bike. And yes, the Lectric XPremium is probably the best game in time now when it comes to mid-drives at affordable prices.

Kent 20 inch Torpedo Kids Ebike. Shipping is free with Walmart+ (30-Day Free Trial – or on orders $35+. Fun and light to rip around the neighborhood for meet ups, running errands or Sunday fun days.

Now I ride mostly for recreation/activity (health), and when possible I commute. The Kent Electric Cruiser’s 350W rear-hub motor was more than capable on the flat roads and bike paths around my home, easily reaching and staying at 20 mph. But when the bike was pointed uphill, the performance was much less impressive.

A 180W motor is relatively small and so is a 125Wh battery, but the Torpedo still weighs in at nearly 18kg. That’s quite a bit for a child to shift when there’s no power left. Find the Best Deals, Today Deals, Hot Deals, Best Coupons, limited-time coupons, kent electric bike Special offers to save money on your favorite products. Kent bike also features excellent brake system, and seat comfort. Having not ridden Kent’s new e-bike (yet, but hopefully that changes), it’s hard for me to judge it too hard on the spec sheet alone.