Coleman 10 x 10 Instant Canopy with Swing Wall My online store dba Expo Intl

Layout wise is virtually identical to the Core Instant Cabin we evaluated for our 10 person tent roundup, but delivers those same massive interior dimensions for about $100 less. Cabin-style construction means vertical walls and impressively high ceilings (they’re over 7 feet) span the length of the tent, so you’ll have plenty of room to spread out even with two queen-sized mattresses inside. Each of the cabin’s three rooms includes its own privacy divider, and each is large enough to fit a queen-sized mattress as well, so it’s a great option for large groups or families. Other perks of the Three Room Instant Cabin include an instant tent design with pre-attached poles for easy set-up and dual ground-level vents designed to work with a tent air conditioner.

With most instant tents this model goes up in mere minutes, and folds down just as quickly, so the convenience of using a fastpitch tent is evident. Ease of setup (how easy it is to pitch and take down a tent) is pretty much always a high mark for Ozark Trail tents. These tents are built for first-time and/or fairweather campers, so Ozark Trail puts a lot of effort into making them easy to use. As stated above, durability and materials are the main pain point of Ozark Trail tents. The fabrics are often thinner and less technical (regular polyester rather than ripstop, etc.), and the poles are pretty much always made from cost-saving materials like fiberglass and thin steel alloy.

You can secure the fly to the poles with Velcro ties underneath the fly, so that the extra lines anchored the whole tent, not just the thin protective fabric, but we only needed to do so in very windy conditions. When the fly is fully deployed, the tent has two vestibules, which provide additional gear storage and also help ventilate the tent ozark trail shower tent in inclement weather. And in a stroke of design brilliance, a small loop sewn into the top of the fly makes it possible to roll up one half of the fly, exposing the full mesh canopy while still providing shade and privacy. Underneath the fly, the Mineral King 3 has a full mesh dome with a waterproof, tape-seamed bathtub-style polyester floor.

The door does have a bug net, but it’s only for half the door, and not the full door. There are 2 windows along the length of the tent, and 1 window on the width of the tent. Next, attach the 6 steel wall poles to the elbow connectors (the top of each pole) and to the pin at the other end (the base of each pole). The 2 green pole sleeves are for the longer diagonal poles (with 9 ozark trail shower tent fiberglass segments), and the 1 blue pole sleeve is the for the shorter pole (with 5 fiberglass segments). The North Face Wawona 4, which we used to list in our Other Good Tents section, has been redesigned; it’s now made of polyester, not nylon. This is great for avoiding potential exposure to hazardous chemicals, but you should pitch the tent well away from any open flames.

During this period, winds rose up to 35 to 40 knots, and we experienced passing showers as well as direct sunlight and 80-degree temperatures. To mimic heavier rain and to test the tent’s ability to withstand soggy ground conditions, we also ozark trail shower tent soaked our tents with a garden hose. A few weeks later, we brought the front-runners to a platform in an area that had higher elevation, near the Waianae Mountain Range, and camped out overnight in intermittent but consistent rainfall.

This is a tall and boxy structure so it is best to use it in a quiet area. But I have seen some users reporting of using it in the winds of 50 mph. The fabric is a 190T coated polyester, they do not provide information about waterproof rating. Many users have reported that the tent was working fine even in strong prolonged rains.

Our Also great picks, the REI Co-op Base Camp 4 and Base Camp 6 tents, have been temporarily phased out for the season. While it isn’t the highest quality tent out there, it is still a very good one and will suit the needs of many. Dividing curtains can be used for a bit of privacy when you are camping in groups, or if parents want to separate themselves from the kids at night. For those that only want one bedroom, you can use the second room for eating, lounging, gaming, or storage.