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He said it was a shape he did not have and did not have on his shape chart. I thought about it overnight and sent it off to him on Monday morning. I look forward to his blog on this pipe as it is a really Danish looking Brigham. Your reference point for online purchases of pipes , lighters , pens , gifts and more. Every month amazing offers await our customers , come visit us often and sign up to the newsletter to stay informed .

Antoine Grenard, the current CEO, wants to modernize the look of old-school wooden pipes. On our online shop, you will find Chacom pipes at the best price and for all kind of smokers… The Chacom Club #127 Pipe embodies the rich tradition and craftsmanship that have made Chacom a respected name among pipe aficionados. Its classic billiard shape, characterized by a straight stem and a stout, cylindrical bowl, is a nod to timeless pipe design. Crafted with precision and care, this pipe is a true work of art that balances form and function. In this restoration project the stem repair posed the biggest challenge.

CHAPUIS-COMOY&Cie is a creator, manufacturer and distributor of fine pipes, located in Saint-Claude, France. Each day, 20 employees (a team of diehards) still perpetuate a century-old know-how and give a modern touch to the briar pipes. Antoine GRENARD, managing director, is the 6th generation in charge of this family-owned company. Perhaps the long stems of their churchwardens are more to your liking?

Soon, word spread of their quality and international demand started coming in. It did not take long, and Chacom tobacco pipes became the number one pipes in France, Belgium, and The United States after World War Two. The history of excellence in french pipe construction continues today (Read more Chacom history). Chacom creates and distributes quality smoking pipes since 1825. In the blog itself he breaks his process down into two parts – cleaning the stem and cleaning the bowl. Each one has a large number of steps that he methodically does every time.

Now armed with this acquired knowledge, I embarked on my quest to gain knowledge through personal experience. Antoine GRENARD, managing director, is the 6th generation in charge of this family-owned company. Each day, 20 employees (a team of diehards) still perpetuate a

century-old know-how and give a modern touch to the briar pipes. The briar wood used in the Chacom brand is chosen amongst the finest burrs in the Mediterranean Basin. This initial preparation plays a very important part in creating the taste of the future pipe.

Elevate your smoking ritual with the Chacom Club #127 Pipe, available exclusively at Windy City Cigars. As you savor your favorite tobacco blends, you’ll also be immersing yourself in the legacy and commitment to excellence that define Chacom. The brand of the pipe was marked on the bowl – ‘Chacom coin osseu’.

The dynamism of the brand is developing by creating new series of more modern and varied pipes reaching a wider French and foreign public. Chacom pipes are exported today in more than 40 countries and their success is constantly growing. We offer you several dozens of pipe models, from the traditional to the most original, made in France in Saint Claude in the Jura. And whatever their finishing (carbon, black, …) all are made in a quality briar for the greatest pleasure of the pipe smoker.

Meerschaummarket.com does not sell tobacco related products to anyone under the age of 21, nor do we sell tobacco nor cigarettes. Guarantee of traditional methods, CHACOM remains the biggest French brand to date knowing how to ally Tradition, Creation & Innovation. After the financial crash in the late 1920s, Chacom went in to joint venture with a number of other pipe makers, forming La Bruyere one of the worlds biggest ever pipe companies. La Bruyere employed over 450 workers, producing 100,000’s of pipes annually for the world markets. In 1945 at the end of the Second World War, Chacom got its independence again and began working on more modern designs with some of St Claude’s more skilled artisan carvers. Various name changes and wrangling with the owners didn’t stop Chacom from becoming on of the biggest names in France, Belguim, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia and America.

I usually leave this treatment in the bowl overnight.Step 2

I prefer to use my old trusty friend (pocket knife) to clean the cake from the bowl. It has a more rounded tip and I find it a perfect tool to clean out most pipes without damaging the bowl.Step 3

With the same alcohol I use cotton pads to remove the finish off the pipe. Alcohol also does a great job at removing tar from the bowl rim. I use these foam padded Micro-Mesh pads to bring out the best finish on the briar wood. Step 5

Two of my favourite household products that do a fantastic job at cleaning pipe stems are OxiClean and Vim. Soak the stem in an OxiClean bath for about an hour maybe two hours.

It also, freshens up the bowl and gets ride of any ghosting left from prior tobaccos smoked. As you can see from the picture the pipe is heavily oxidized chacom tobacco pipes with little to no chatter marks. Overall the bowl was in great condition with a small white mark on the bottom of the bowl (I think it was glue).