Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000 Review: The Go-To Trimmer

Arguably, the star of the show is the company’s BodyGroom 7000, a shower-proof, dual-sided grooming gadget that touts a foil shaver on one end and a trimmer with a 5-length adjustable comb on the other. This integrated design not only helps save money as well as space in a travel bag, but makes it easier for the user to cut hair to the desired length without changing attachments. The Andis T-Outliner is a professional-grade corded trimmer that’s built like a tank, but unlike our picks, it does not come with any guide combs (though you can buy a set of four separately). Philips shaver It is preferred by barbers for close-cutting and fine detail work. Although the OneBlade looks comically simple — it’s a tiny blade attached to a medium-sized body — it can do quite a lot. Even a cheap corded hair clipper will be better (faster magnetic motor, more guards, taper lever).

Moreover, the replacement head has a long lifespan and it’s widely available and inexpensive. There’s a reason why this BG2000 head hasn’t changed at all in such a long time. However, I’ve noticed that after a while the foil part of the head would get quite a bit warm during use. You will philips body groomer need to get one with a conventional shearing blade like the Multigroom 7000 or the Lawn Mower 4.0, but those have their own limitations and are nowhere near as good for shaving the groin. I’ll be totally honest, this isn’t for me and I think in most cases a dry trim is the way to go.

I find the area above the lip hellishly difficult to get right and that Wahl Aqua Blade made it so much easier. To maintain a neat and well-groomed look, invest in a high-quality beard brush or comb. Regularly brushing or combing your stubble helps ensure an even distribution of hair, while also training the hairs to grow philips shaver in the desired direction. This practice prevents any unruly patches and helps you achieve a more polished appearance. Moisturising your stubble and the skin beneath can also improve its overall health and appearance. Consider using a top-quality beard oil or moisturiser to hydrate both the hair and the underlying skin.

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Philips Bodygroom 5000 is a cordless-only trimmer. I know we don’t tend to think much of a plastic piece, but a guard can really make or break the experience. I’m happy to report that the 3 guards included with the Philips Bodygroom 5000 meet all these requirements and are very enjoyable to use. Also, it must glide easily on the skin so the stroke is smooth and controlled, not jerky.

It might look like something you got in your geometry set in school, but it leaves you looking like you’ve just been to the barbers. Ideal for travel, since it fits in a pocket and plugs into any USB port for a long-lasting charge, this sub-£50 unit is well worth investing in. Skull Shaver also provides its employees up to four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer for good causes.

I also asked a friend with a long bushy beard to test them out on his more fulsome fuzz. Maria is our Beauty and Grooming Testing Manager, and since joining in mid-2022, she has managed the testing for mutiple categories including scalp scrubs, collagen supplements and retinol serums. She has also worked as a formulation scientist within the pharmaceutical industry and takes this evidence based approach into all her product testing. Our panel also agreed that it was comfortable to use at all angles, including those hard-to-reach areas such as underneath the jawline.

(Why pack something expensive and cumbersome for a weekend away?) The nose-hair clipper might not be worth packing on all but the longest trips, but it cleans up fuzzy nostrils and errant eyebrows nicely. Just look at the wild, hairy 1970’s or the Ken doll slick early aughts if you don’t believe me. Right now, we are living in what I would argue is the golden age of body hair. In fact, our own 2019 survey found that 62% of men do some sort of manscaping (and this survey focused only on below the belt ‘scaping so it’s probably more if you consider the total body).

Joe Mills, celebrity hair stylist, GQ’s Barber of the Year and founder of Joe Mills Studio, has laid out his top tips for shaving all the hair on your body and what you need to get the job done. In final, we wanted to test units across a representative sample of use cases. Many of these trimmers technically fit in the body hair trimming mold but also double as face shavers or trimmers. So if you’re considering a hybrid model, one may be a possibility — but be warned, said models may not be a good choice in the wrong place. Equipped with stay sharp blades and unique skin protection guards, designed for the most sensitive areas of the body.

The USB charging stand also brings a touch of the barber shop atmosphere to your bathroom, which really gave me cheer. I’ve had this Remington option for a while now and, while it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some pricier philips shaver models, for its price, there’s nothing better out there. The contoured shape (most handles are fairly straight), is comfortable to hold. It’s got a good weight to it, neither too heavy nor too light, lending it a sturdy feel.