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The website also hosts a safety quiz that reinforces the messages seen in the videos about proper rider behavior, including where to ride and how to park. Scan the QR code on your phone or click on the link below to take the Safety Quiz. If riders score 100% on the quiz, they will earn $5 in Spin credit. Anyone who takes the quiz, regardless of their score, is given the opportunity to order a free helmet, shipped directly to the rider’s home. SPIN shared eScooters and eBikes must park within one of the designated SPIN GeoZones to end any ride.

Your bike frame & fork are protected under our Lifetime Warranty policy. “These bikes will make getting to class much easier and I won’t be all sweaty from hiking up the hills around campus,” said Harris. Vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians should be aware of the increasing eBike and eScooter traffic on campus. EBike and eScooter operators must review and adhere to the following rules and safety tips. These super custom e-bikes were part of the Gates E-Bike Showcase on display at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, NC.

Things started off on the wrong foot when I realized some of the seat post assembly pieces were missing. (Luckily, my local bike co-op was able to hook me up with the needed parts!) But that was really the only major problem with assembly. Kent currently offers three kent electric bike electric models for adults, plus one for kids. Alongside the 27-inch Kent Electric and Kent Step-Through Electric, the Cruiser is more of a unisex offering and is available exclusively from Walmart. I chose the Kent 27.5” from Walmart for a couple of reasons.

Even while pedaling and in the highest level of assist, the bike barely had enough torque to push me up the hill. At one point, I smelled burning plastic when it hit me that the smell came from the motor, which was burning hot from overuse. We are situated just south of Hawkhurst on the Kent / East Sussex Border. We are in The Bodiam Business Park, which is Rural Industrial Estate, with traffic free private roads allowing the peaceful, safe testing of electric bikes. If you have seen one on the street there, it was probably supplied by E-Bikes Direct. We know from experience our bikes are built to tackle the terrain of the Kent countryside & cities, both on and off road, with ease.

Kent eventually plans to sell a complete line of “deluxe e-bikes” under the Van Dessel brand in the U.S. and Europe. I realize these are “tetherless,” but scooters laying on the sidewalk is unacceptable. I don’t know the answer to this problem, but the city and the company need to ensure the sidewalks are clear and safe.