Philips shaver Series 5000 S5887 10 Wet and dry electric soft pouch

The Mangroomer took last in our tests but had an okay runtime overall if you consider it’ll mostly be used on only one area. Lee Bell is a freelance journalist & copywriter specialising in technology, health, grooming and how the latest philips shaver innovations are shaking up the lifestyle space. From national newspapers to specialist-interest magazines and digital titles, Lee has written for some of the world’s most respected publications during his 11 years as a journalist.

Some users can get as much as 5 years out of the best electric razors. If you neglect to clean your electric shaver, you risk the chance of shortening the razor’s lifespan and also running dirt across your face when shaving. A dirty razor can result in uneven shaving and potentially cause ingrown hairs or acne.

For that reason, I think using a lubricating spray for clippers and shavers from time to time (like the Andis CoolCare Plus) would be beneficial. Ideally, you would do this after every trimming session to keep the trimmer clean and working well. I personally use the 3mm guard to trim the hair on my legs, forearms, abs and chest. Even though the head has two cutting edges and you can move it up and down, most of the time you will be pulling it toward you (against the grain).

It doubles up as a hair trimmer, allowing you to give yourself a buzz cut or trim without having to hang around at the barber’s. Though unsophisticated compared to some others, the Gillette looks good and won’t break the bank. If culture wars were to ever erupt in the beard-trimming sphere, the sharpness of beard lines would be one of the key debates. Some like them blended and subtle, some like them so sharp and neat you could get a paper cut from them.

You can also attach a shaving setting for a proper, old-fashioned wet shave. I find that Gillette’s razors tend to offer some of the closest shaves around, and this is no different. There are better trimmers out there, but if you’re someone that needs to shave outside of the bathroom, this cheap and effective marvel of ingenuity is definitely the one to go for. On the plus side, this unit tackled the moustache area with more ease and accuracy than any beard trimmer I’ve ever used.

This trimmer is marketed as an all-in-one solution that can do pretty much anything you’d ever need from a men’s electric groomer. Even the best electric razors lose battery life over time, which can result in less time holding a full charge and a weaker power output. Ideally, you want to clean your electric razor after every use to keep the philips trimmer blade blazes sharp. For most modern models, the process is easy as they’re designed to be rinsed under running water. Just rinse your razor under water to remove hair and dirt, then take a light brush to your foil to remove any gunk buildup. It’s important to maintain the foil on your razor, as that is what helps give you a nice and even shave.

It has been described as “god tier” and “the best grooming kit money can buy” – and Panasonic is about as solid a brand as you can imagine in this realm. The fact it describes itself as not a beard trimmer, but a philips shaver ‘modular personal care system’ only adds to the grandiosity, albeit with a slightly dehumanising and condescending turn of phrase. Our men shavers are designed to suit your needs and make the shaving enjoyable.

But unlike those typically tanklike trimmers, the Peanut 8655 has a slim design, making philips shaver it more practical for home use and precision grooming. After years of testing and living with this trimmer, we can also say with confidence that it’s among the most durable we’ve ever found. The main reason it isn’t our pick is because most people prefer cordless beard trimmers. This guide focuses on corded and battery-powered beard trimmers designed to shape, angle, cut, or trim facial hair.