Ozark Trail 10 Portable Camping Charcoal Grill For Only $9 97 From Walmart!

But Ozark Trail has managed to incorporate sizes that are most common for people to want. You have a small cooler, a medium cooler, and a large cooler. Our Coleman has been used and abused and has never leaked.

Ozark Trail plastic coolers are extremely easy to clean, too. This model also contains a wire basket, four cup holders, and easy-open latches. Most soft coolers from this provider have a removable hard liner while the backpack cooler and the tote bag have an EVA compression molded base. They also have daisy chain attachment points, built-in bottle openers, ozark trail chair thicker insulation, a compression strap and a 600 denier outer coating that’s easy to wash. Their low-cost, soft-sided cooler options don’t have a lot of storage volume or insulation to help them out. While the Ozark Trail Hard-Sided Coolers are mostly designed to compete with the premium coolers of the industry, their soft-sided coolers are more balanced.

We just completed a review of the Ozark Trail Tumbler line, which is not only budget friendly but also well performing. Cooler’s have become somewhat of a status symbol in the outdoors and many equate the bigger brands with better quality. A higher price tag should mean a higher quality product, right? No, that is not always the case and any outdoorsmen, gear junkie, or general abuser of products will tell you the same thing. Every so often a brand will fly under the radar producing products that are not only a great value but also great quality as well.

The weather was in the high 90s during the test, the coolers were in full sun for most of the morning, and we opened them several times throughout the day. The ice melted in the Coleman in 24 hours and the YETI in 48 hours. What I found most fascinating about this test is that the water in the YETI stayed cold for three additional days after the ice melted. The water was cold enough that had the gallon jugs been milk, we would have been able to drink out of them for three days after the ice melted. All-in-all, the YETI lasted for five days and the Coleman for one day.

Here it’s really a battle of reputations, though, because, for the price, Ozark is a solid choice. Lifetime coolers are made in the USA and are extremely similar to Ozark Trail coolers in most aspects, including their low price. If, after reading this, you want to steer away from Ozark Trail coolers altogether then they are a few different cooler brands that are quite similar but still cheaper than Yeti. This isn’t a huge issue as the prices are always cheap, but it’s sad when you buy your cooler only to have it go on sale the next day. This is true of the Ozark Trail but it’s also true of all roto-molded coolers. The Yeti has the most streamlined design of the three coolers, staying true to the original Yeti look and feel.

If your budget can stretch a bit they are worth checking out. I really like these coolers as they offer great value but they don’t break the bank. Another issue people have had is that these coolers go in and out of stock frequently.

A cold front will be located just north of I-44 by dinner time. A few sprinkles or showers are possible however most areas will remain dry. High temperatures will still be up in record territory with readings around 80 degrees. ozark trail canopy Bestcooler.reviews, established in 2015, is a leading blog-style magazine dedicated to reviewing and blogging about coolers. Both co-founders of the site, Luke and Greg, are two genuine cooler geeks and have been so for ages.

The overall product weight of this cooler is 37lbs empty which is inline with the Pelican, but 7lbs heavier than the Ozark Trail cooler. The Tundra Haul features rubber clasps, which I really like, and hard plastic wheels. Yeti has clearly set themselves apart as the biggest player in the cooler space. Since they launched, they have carved out an incredible market share delivering products across the board from coolers to dog bowls. Similar to the Ozark Trail cooler, the Pelican features orange wheel rims and also has orange clasp accents.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Here the 30-mile Current River section picks up, following the river for two miles before veering south toward Stegall Mountain. Enjoy views of the Ozark landscape as you gain 500 feet of elevation up 2.5 miles to the top of Stegall Mountain. Camp out at the top overnight, catching a glimpse of a full sky of stars if it’s clear. If you’re on the trail for several days, toilet paper and a cathole shovel are necessities.