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The stems on both these pipes have large gaping hole near the button end, exposing the stem’s airway. I shall be working on the stems of both these pipes simultaneously while the stummel will be worked on separately. The write chacom tobacco pipes up on both, though separate, is being uploaded at the same time so as to maintain continuity. Since 2020 MBSD Ingram LLC, owner of, has been the trusted supplier of smoking tobacco pipe enthusiasts world-wide.

By 1928 the London Chacom factory had begun completely making pipes in London and the supplies from St Claude were no longer required. Rather than closing the original factory the company was renamed Comoy (a combination of both names) in 1928. Shapes, ranges and grading remained the same between the two factories and Chacom was only sold in France, Switzerland and Belguim.

Renowned French brand, Chacom has been a faithfull companion for several generations of pipe smokers all over the world. Chacom’s range is growing every year with a touch of modernism and originality without ever losing its authenticity.

The wood has been carefully selected and finished to create a perfect surface that is comfortable to hold.The Giant size Chacom Monstre pipe has an impressive size. It has a roomy tobacco bowl that provides enough space for your favourite tobacco and allows for a long smoking experience. captain black tobacco With its robust design, high quality and impressive size, it is a pipe that you simply must have if you are an avid pipe lover. While they were exploding in popularity during the turn of the last century, Chapuis-Comoy started seeing some competition from outside of France.

On their return to France, the Comoy & Chapius families open their factory is opened. With the popularity of there pipes in London, Henry takes machinery and skilled craftsmen to the UK. The Comoy factory was supplied with pre cut bowls and other raw material from St Claude. Now, I want to walk you through how I cleaned and restored this pipe. Step 1

When a pipe has a heavy cake inside the bowl, I like to put it through a salt and alcohol treatment. This method does a great job at cleaning the pipe, softening the hardened cake making it easier to remove from the bowl.

Browse our complete range of tobacco pipes, rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco and smoking accessories, get in touch with GQ Tobaccos. Members of the Comoy family have been making pipes since 1825, which is even before briar had been discovered as a useful material for smoking pipes. From making pipes for soldiers in Napoleon’s army to providing today’s smokers with amazing pipes, the Chapuis-Comoy Company has set the standard for many companies that came after. The Chacom Club #127 Pipe embodies the essence of classic pipe craftsmanship, delivering an exceptional smoking experience that combines elegance and quality. Its graceful shape speaks to a sense of tradition, promising a refined and enjoyable smoke. Meticulously crafted for both form and function, this pipe offers a comfortable grip and a well-proportioned bowl, allowing for a leisurely and flavorful smoke.

I know because I have watched him do the work and I have seen the pipes after his work on them. He followed this process step by step and when the pipe got to me it was spotlessly clean and ready for my work. The inside of the stem, shank and bowl were clean and to me that is an amazing gift as it means that my work on this end is with a clean pipe! Chacom are one of the most historically important pipe makers still in business today.

It will depend on how oxidized the pipe stem is, a heavy oxidized stem, leave in the solution for longer. Suffice to say that the consistency should be such that it should not be too runny but chacom tobacco pipes just sufficient to spread smoothly and evenly over the intended surface. First timers like me, do not worry too much, even I did not understand what should be the ideal consistency (LoL).