Ozark Trail Cooler Delivery or Pickup Near Me

They have harnessed this into their small but potent lineup of hard-sided coolers. These coolers are available in 26-quart, 52-quart, and 73-quart and fall somewhere in the intermediate to lower premium price tier. The hard-sided coolers are designed to try to compete with the top-tier of the premium cooler world. That being said, the two premium soft-sided coolers were no slouches. The tote, in real-life conditions, should hold ice for around 1 ½ days while the backpack should last a full day. Not to mention, it has a built-in bottle opener and four drink holders on the lid, so you can have a good time no matter the temperature.

Lastly, being able to safely and comfortably transport the cooler is extremely important. And when you fill it up with drinks, food, and ice, it can weigh 100 pounds or more! You will find an overhead stainless steel handle with a comfort grip on the 26-quart model and the 52/73-quart models will come with heavy-duty side handles with comfort grips. However, you can check out other 10-liter backpacks that are similar and cost at least $14 or more to compare prices. I spend a great deal of time on the water every summer boating and fishing in Northern Michigan.

If your budget can stretch a bit they are worth checking out. I really like these coolers as they offer great value but they don’t break the bank. Another issue people have had is that these coolers go in and out of stock frequently.

This cooler, when compared to the Pelican 45Q Elite and Yeti Tundra, has the smallest profile while still providing 45Q internal storage. It features rubber latches which I am a huge fan of for boating applications. When you are out on the water, people often sneak over to grab something from the cooler and may not latch it back up. With a hard plastic ozark trail canopy latch, you run the risk of brushing by the cooler and hitting your shin, which I have done and is awful. One of my favorite features though is the rubber wheels vs. the hard plastic wheels on the Pelican and Yeti. Not only will the rubber allow for a slightly smoother roll when you are pull this cooler along, but it will also be quieter.

This cooler is definitely comparable to other really expensive ones. Yes, you will most likely see differing results when adding cans or bottles ozark cooler into the mix. If you are adding warm drinks to your ice, you will see reductions in the overall length of time your ice will stay cold.

(The less you open it, the longer it’ll last so keep the opening and closing to a minimum). All in all, it’s a pretty solid ice chest and a major upgrade from some of the stryofoam and even Rubbermaid coolers of yore. The weather was in low 90s during the test, the coolers were in full sun for most of the morning, and we opened them several times throughout the day. The ice melted in the Coleman in 39 hours and the Ozark Trail in 73 hours. The water turned warm in both coolers fairly quickly after the ice melted.

But they have since been redesigned to be lighter and more in line with other coolers. The 52-Quart version weighs 31.1 lbs when it’s empty and the 73-Quart versions weights even more at 35.3 lbs. The Ozark Trail has really mixed opinions when it comes ozark trail chair to ice retention. Ozark Trail don’t have any coolers around the 40-Quart range. For that you would need to look at the RTIC 45-Quart Cooler. This issue seems more prevalent in the larger sizes, but can happen on the smaller sized cooler also.

We are looking into this problem in more detail and may adjust this review accordingly once we get to the bottom of it. While this isn’t quite as high as we have seen in other premium coolers, the much lower asking price helps to justify it. For most people, being able to keep ice for 3 days or more is plenty.