Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Integrated LED Lights, 3 Rooms, 47 87 lbs

Getting our hands dirty with the top-rated 9×9 Neso Grande lightweight beach canopy tent. With the handle, you can carry it in your hand or hang it from a tent hook or tree branch. No matter how you use it, the inside is large enough to cook a decently sized meal for a few people.

Ozark Trail makes an affordable quality family tent, and this 10-person instant cabin tent is no different. While Ozark Trail tents are one of the least expensive family camping tents on the market, the waterproofing isn’t the best, the features, quality and lifespan of these tents aren’t that great. And for Coleman tents, they’re a little pricier than Ozark Trail tents, but you get better waterproofing, better features, and a better quality tent all around. I am preparing for a camping trip of 10 days and nights down in Florida where it rains a lot and the wind sometimes is pretty strong so I am wondering if the fly will stay put.

Screen rooms, shade awnings, storage vestibules, and privacy dividers are also great examples of livability-added features. These features all work together to make a tent feel more like your home away from home and less like a makeshift shelter in the woods. Again, Ozark Trail tents are mainly fair weather camping tents (so you won’t be hiking into the backcountry with them) which means weight and packed size aren’t a big priority.

And you can count on the durable steel frame to last season after season. All items must be picked up by Monday at 5 PM or a 10% or $5 storage fee will be charged Whichever ozark hammock chair is greater. Meta Marketing is our approach to delivering personalized and relevant content to you based on your preferences and interactions with our marketing materials.

If you’re considering an Ozark Trail yourself, you’re in the right place. So, my wife & I are going camping next week – and this will be our first time at a campground that has a tent pad. There is no option for another site, and this is the only tent we have. We are very VERY new/novice/newbie/don’t know what we are doing campers.