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With the continued development of quality products and a vision to grow the sport of BMX, the crew at LUXBMX are super excited to now stock a bunch of Mongoose products. This is the first time that the Mongoose brand has partnered with LUXBMX, a momentous occasion and one driven by our desire to support a brand that has literally been there from the start, a truly original company. We think that this offers our customers the chance to celebrate and embrace the nostalgia of Mongoose, while moving forward in the modern BMX world with taste, style and strength. Mongoose still creates and manufactures the most premium BMX bikes for different riding styles like racing and freestyle. They also produce BMX bike components like Chromoly steel or aluminum frames and carbon forks, especially for biking fanatics eager to build their bikes using different schwinn mountain bicycles parts.

Back in 1974, the BMX Products, Inc company was originally known for their famous MotoMags wheels which were produced from cast magnesium. Receive a $10 Exchange gift card when you purchase $50 or more of select toys with your MILITARY STAR® credit card. Offer excludes gaming consoles, accessories, and software; digital wearables; headphones; photography items; and Exchange Online MarketPlace products and services. The Mongoose California Special is is modern tribute to the original model from 1983 with a replica 83-frame design, the same classic handlebar layout, Dia-Compe brakes and levers, and alloy Pro Class wheels wrapped in snake belly tires. The Mongoose Supergoose is closely modeled on the original from the 80s, it has a high-strength 4130 chromoly steel loop-tail BMX frame, an MX brake kit, Pro Class handlebars, and lightweight Mongoose Pro Class drill rims.

High-end mongoose excursion bike categories for elite riders, entry riders and other levels are available at reasonable prices in various bike shops and on their official website. Mongoose was established in September 1974 by Skipp Hess as BMX Products, Inc. Mongoose gradually took to the world stage with a set of their products. They reported an incredible win and had a high demand requiring the production of almost 600 bike frames. With momentum afoot, Mongoose took the natural path of producing bikes and eventually, parts. Under the production name ‘BMX Products’, 1975 saw the very first batch of heli-arc welded frames which again, were designed with the BMX biker in mind.

Old school BMX, everything to do with retro 80s and 90s bmx bikes. Parts, Frames, Complete Bikes all you need to restore your BMX bike. High-end BMX bikes are good as they are exclusively created for BMX racing. Additionally, they possess all the features that enable riders to perform efficiently in BMX races. BMX Mongoose bikes have been used by the best professional BMX racers in the world, with a proven track record of success. The Mongoose BMX bike frames are triple-butted and made from the finest quality premium steel or aluminum.

This was a crucial shift, and one which ultimately led to the success of the film and in turn, the cementing of BMX in popular culture. Inevitably, wider society was sooner or later going to come into contact mongoose bmx with BMX. A significant milestone in this regard was the release of the 1982 film ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’ – directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring a young Henry Thomas as Elliott Taylor.