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These sunglasses also stand out from other Wayfarer-style pairs we’ve tested thanks to their unusually tall lenses and keyhole nose bridge, both of which look distinctive and great. Unlike our other Wayfarer-style pick, Goodr’s The OGs, these Blenders sunglasses have no aggressive branding, and their construction feels notably more luxurious than that of the cheaper Wayfarer-style pairs we’ve tried. Whereas the Sungait round sunglasses have plastic frames with metal arms, these Kent Wang sunglasses are made from cellulose acetate, which is more lightweight and flexible than basic plastic frames. Despite being bulkier than the Sungait pair, the Kent Wang sunglasses weigh about the same.

We still like them, and we appreciate Sunski’s mission to create less waste by choosing recycled plastic to make its sunglasses. For the price, however, the Sunski Headland pair is not as compelling a purchase as the Blenders Sydney or the EyeBuyDirect Nevada glasses, both of which genuinely excited me kent electric bike to hold and wear. These have a lifetime warranty, which is a great perk for a pair of sub-$20 sunglasses. All bikes purchased from Halfords come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Bikes purchased after 1 January 2018 also come with a

lifetime guarantee on frames and rigid forks.

Book an assessment – some of our repairs and services require booking a bike assessment as we’ll need to establish what part is required and may need to order kent road bike in it. If you wish to proceed we’ll book your bike in at the earliest opportunity. All bike and frame weights are based off pre-production painted frames.

We tested the polarization of the sunglasses by lining up two pairs of each model of sunglasses, turning one gradually at a 90-degree angle to the other, and seeing whether the overlapped portion of the lenses became opaque. If you have difficulty finding sunglasses that are big enough, Goodr sells a variant of The OGs called BFGs. Per Goodr, these glasses have “wider frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses than our OGs,” with an overall frame width of 146 mm and a temple length of 155 mm, notably longer than anything else we looked at.

Although we didn’t test this version of The OGs, we still think it would be worth considering for someone who has a larger head and is looking for a Wayfarer-style pair. “They have a pretty, classic shape, and they weren’t overwhelmingly large,” said Wirecutter staff writer Dorie Chevlen, who also noted the glasses’ good-looking tortoiseshell pattern. At this writing, EyeBuyDirect offers the Cartel frames in clear brown, tortoiseshell, and navy, but the company seems to cycle colors regularly. The Nooz Optics Cruz sunglasses are comfortable, but not quite as comfy as our Kent Wang Keyhole pick. Their thinner arms feel a bit tighter against the temples, though they do have some give.

The Nooz Optics Cruz sunglasses are made from flexible steel, and the frames feel durable and long-lasting. These sunglasses are easy to wear for long periods of time, and they fit snugly on most faces, thanks to their sturdy metal build. Just two days after the attempted daylight theft in Wolverhampton, a pair of club riders were subject to a violent bikejacking in London, with two moped-riding muggers fleeing with the cyclist’s bikes. As part of any repair or service we check the bike to assess if any additional repairs are required. If we recommend additional work, we will provide you with a no obligation cost estimate and ask if you want to proceed or not.

Especially if you’re new to biking (in which case, welcome!), it’s important to understand the different categories of bicycles. As the name suggests, a road bike is specifically designed for traveling at speed on paved roads. Here at Cannondale, however, we believe a road bike can do and be so much more than that. That’s why we’ve created six types of road bikes – including the fastest race bike on the planet and the most capable gravel bike – that don’t only suit your ride; they elevate it.