Huffy 20″ Centuric Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

The Ariel Rider D Class is more mini-bike than moped thanks to its top-tank style frame, but it definitely fits in this category. With a pair of 1.5 kW peak motors, this e-bike is ridiculously powered. huffy mountain bike I’d even call it over-powered, especially since I can do dual-wheel burnouts on it. Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of throwing my leg over hundreds of electric bicycles.

The key question is if you need better suspension and bigger tires. If you don’t, the Ride1Up 700 is likely the better option and will save you money. The smaller size and wheels make this bike less stable at higher speeds than some higher-scoring (and more expensive) models. There is also no suspension; this bike does not ride great on rough roads. That said, for the price, the XPedition offers a ton of fun and utility and is what many people will be looking for in a cargo bike.

There’s also no hook to keep the front and back wheel together—a feature you’ll find on bikes like the aforementioned Montague and Gocycle. Moving it around is a pain in the butt, as the wheels tend to separate midair. You’ll end up feeling a lot like Kevin trying to bring chili into the office. The best thing about this affordable Huffy mountain bike are mechanical disc brakes that will give you lots of control over your speed.

The Cafe Cruiser has a burlier rear rack with an optional kit to carry a kid (up to 130 lbs) and comes with more stylish and comfortable handlebars. In this review, we include our favorite models from each category. If you know what type of e-bike you’re looking for, huffy mountain bike we offer more in-depth information in our category-specific reviews. Wellbots is now offering the Huffy Oslo Folding e-bike for $288.15 shipped after code OSLO15 has been applied at checkout. This is down from the usual $599 price tag and marking a new all-time low.

At $1,699, you get nice suspension, 750W motors, hydraulic disc brakes, built-in lighting, and great handling. Bike testers at GearLab started with mountain bikes in 2017 and have since branched out to include over ten bike categories. We added increasingly popular electric bikes to our lineup in 2019. In that time, we’ve purchased and extensively tested more than 80 e-bike models across various categories, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest e-bikes to test and compare. With more than 1,000 bikes and bike-related products, we’ve had a little taste of it all. While the Revv 1 impressed us in almost every way, the headlight mounted directly to the frame compromised its night riding abilities.

The Lectric XP 3.0 is a folding electric bike that will fit in the trunk of your car, next to your office desk, or in the hall closet for storage. Despite its compact foldable design, the bike features loads of adjustability to suit a wide range of user heights. It has user-friendly features like a cargo rack, fenders, lights, a comfortable seat, and ergonomic grips. Lectric sells additional accessories, even a passenger seat if you want additional conveniences. With a robust 500W motor, the XP 2.0 packs a lot of power in a small package and can speed up to 28 mph using pedal assist and 20 mph with the throttle.

Motors on class 1 bikes support top pedal-assisted speeds up to 20mph, and they are typically allowed in bike lanes and multi-use trails, essentially anywhere a regular bike can go. Our least favorite part of the 700 Series was the extra time and effort we put into the assembly. This bike comes less assembled than others we’ve tested, and all the additional features take longer to assemble during the initial unboxing. However, this is a one-time task, so we wouldn’t base our final purchase decision on this factor. Also, its above-average weight means it doesn’t feel the most nimble, but we found it easily maneuverable in most situations.

Depending on which shipping method you use, your location, and the availability of products, Huffy bikes typically take 1-5 business days to ship. Keep in mind that Huffy ships to the US addresses only and that the shipping fees are calculated based on weight, dimension, and destination of items. Therefore, with a selection like this, any child, be it toddler or teenager, will easily find their dream bike. There are girls’ and boys’ models as well, with different colorways and fun accessories. You can track all ride stats on a small LCD display and you even get lights for nighttime riding. This is a lightweight folding e-bike that you can easily carry around, transport in your car trunk, take on a train, or store in a corner of your home.

Its 614 Wh battery holds enough power to travel long distances, impressively traveling 27.5 miles in our throttle-only range test. The bike handles well for a folding model, with good stability at high speeds and predictable steering. The powerful hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent control and stopping power. It also has a wider range of fit than most competitors, with a highly adjustable seat and handlebar. The Blix Vika+ Flex has several useful features, including integrated lights, fenders, and a sturdy rear cargo rack.

Deciding that you want an electric bike over an analog is the first step, and you may think it will be easy to choose a model from there. However, almost every bicycle out there has its e-bike equivalent these days. With so many options, it can be difficult to make a wise decision, but it is possible! Some questions help to narrow down the categories so that, in the end, you are riding the bike that fits your needs best. Our team is led by Senior Review Editor, Joshua Hutchens, a lifelong cyclist and bike nerd.