16 Best Beard Trimmers 2023, Tried & Tested by the MH Lab

Our testers found the blades fine enough to provide an accurate shave, with many impressed by how precise it was at shaping the edges of their beard. Cordless trimmers offer more freedom of movement but require regular charging. Corded trimmers, on the other hand, provide consistent power but limit mobility.

This not only reduces itchiness but also promotes healthy stubble growth, keeping it soft and manageable. No matter if you’re aiming for a subtle shadow, a longer stubble, or a perfectly groomed beard, the Remington Barba is the ultimate trimmer for every style. Not only will the handy accompanying philips trimmer blade travel pouch help cut down on your packing time, this trimmer’s compact and lightweight design will also help you stay well within your baggage allowance. The lightweight trimmer glided over areas around the jawline, moustache and chin with ease, providing everyone with a close shave.

The brand also offers a recycling scheme for the recyclable blades. He’s written for Esquire, New York Magazine, Spotlyte, and Very Good Light and held staff positions at GQ and W. The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower. Although slightly more expensive than the field, the Bodygroom makes up for it by being significantly better in terms of versatility, battery life, and safety. Given it has two uses built in, there’s less part maintenance and storage, meaning it’s possible to hook in one preferred-length attachment and never have to worry about tracking down anything else again.

The blades itself are places closer than others to help prevent nicks and cuts on your most sensitive bits which, let’s get real, is a welcome innovation. Not only do the stainless steel blades cut through even the coarsest hair, but the rounded, philips shaver wraparound guards protect your junk from nicks and cuts. The integrated dial allows a whopping 20 different cutting lengths for a truly customized experience, plus it’s completely waterproof and has a 100 minute run time in a single charge.

Our panelists didn’t find the design to be better or worse for cutting pubic hair. With 13 attachments, including one for nose hair, this all-purpose trimmer is a bit more difficult to maneuver around delicate skin, yet it is manageable and still cuts powerfully. This water-resistant trimmer’s vertical orientation and V-shaped head make navigating the body’s bends and folds easy.

Some brands recommend replacing the blades every 6-8 months, others recommend annual replacement, and some even mention as far out as 18 months. As far as the foil goes, make sure to monitor if it ever gets dented or damaged and replace it when those situations occur. Most replacement cartridges for electric razors include the foil since the foil is pretty fragile. Expect to pay anywhere from $20-$50 for replacement blades or cartridges on your electric razor. If you buy a high-quality razor—think a $200 model and above from any of our recommendations—then it’s possible to get several years out of your device.