Yamaha CVP-809 GP Digital Piano

It’s also rare to find a keyboard with 88 keys (which is what an acoustic piano has). Dave has been making music with computers since 1988 and his engineering, programming and keyboard-playing yamaha digital piano has featured on recordings by artists including George Michael, Kylie and Gary Barlow. He also lectures on synthesis at Leeds Conservatoire of Music and is the author of Avid Pro Tools Basics.

We’ve tested each one extensively, so you can be sure that our recommendations can be trusted. A genuinely useful educational aid when coupled with the Smart Pianist app, this makes the CSP range an attractive proposition for beginners looking for an innovative way to learn piano. We’re tracking all of this year’s biggest savings over on our Black Friday music deals page. And if you’re in the market for a new Yamaha digital piano, we’ve got all the best offers in our Black Friday keyboard and piano deals hub. Most of these models from Yamaha have built-in speakers, so all you have to do is turn it out, and you’ll be able to play with the default sound. Most of them only have a few voices to use, too, so there won’t be too many distractions.

It comes with graded hammer-action keys with moisture-absorbing matte keytops. Yamaha’s CP88 is a full-size stage piano that combines vintage sounds with modern technology. The AWM2 tone generator recreates the sound of Yamaha’s iconic 1970s Combo Piano beautifully.

It’s a great choice for beginners who want a more traditional piano look and feel. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that Yamaha offers various digital pianos suitable for pianists of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a is perfect for you. Moreover, Yamaha offers various digital pianos to suit every need and budget.

Bristling with advanced features, the CSP-150 offers a fully automated backup band that generates chords and bass parts according to what you’re playing, rather than having you follow what it’s doing. The system will also analyse tunes from your music library and generate a score to play along with, complete with guide lights. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, great-sounding digital piano for the home that’s as close as you can get to the feel of an acoustic grand, we’d recommend the CLP-775 in a heartbeat.

Yes, you can still practice your classical music pieces on this instrument, but it will do so much more! Plug in a mic for at-home karaoke or dial up the drum machine and use the smart chord features to create endless variations of accompaniments for your favorite melodies. For the beginner and experienced professional, discover the range of Yamaha Pianos are in stock at Gear4music.

Let’s be clear, the Piaggero NP-12 isn’t one of the seven best keyboards that Yamaha produces. But, we are trying to cover a broad price and ability range, and the NP-12 is top of its class. It’s a great way to give younger players the illusion of a more professional instrument without the cost. The DGX-670 is widely considered to be one of the best arranger keyboards available. It’s the perfect singer-songwriter’s keyboard between the abundance of sounds and connectivity. The YDP-165 has hundreds of built-in songs and 303 practice exercises covering various skill levels.