Ozark Trail Portable Hammock Camping Chair, Nylon, Blue 21296407

From a negative ozark hammock chair perspective, the weight is indicative of a lack of high quality material and components used throughout the shelter. The included carrying bag does not have wheels to aid in transportation, but at only 29 lbs. The canopy top itself comes with a handy mesh pocket for storing your smaller items. Its 112-inch center height gives you plenty of room to create an ozark trail canopy entertainment space for your outdoor furniture and guests. Whether you are hosting a barbecue, attending a sporting event, or spending a day at the beach, you will be able to take your 10-foot by 10-foot Ozark Trail Instant Canopy anywhere. It’s worth highlighting that despite the advertised dimensions of the 10×10 Ozark Trail, because this is a slant leg shelter the top only measures 8×8.

With that being said, there are a few things you’ll want to know going into your purchase. First, all Ozark Trail tents should be considered “fair-weather” shelters. That doesn’t mean they all leak when it rains or collapse when it’s windy, but they simply aren’t built for bad weather. Light wind and rain should be fine, but you’ll want to take some steps to prepare for both (more on that below). The tent itself is nice and roomy, and boasts a 6-foot peak height to make changing clothes a drama-free endeavor.

While I paid between $250 to $350 for both my 10-Person Coleman Tents, I paid only about $100 for the Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent, which is less than half the price of my Coleman tents. My family and I have used it a total of 3 times and the seams have ozark trail camping chair ripped. There is no way we can camp with this tent, if it would rain it would ruin everything. If you a experienced camper like myself you would know that you have to use a tarp to cover your tent so that the water does not get inside when it rains.

Either way, it’s easy to add a bit of storage if you want or need it. Owing to its extra-wide seat, the first thing you’ll notice about this oversized director’s chair is that it looks rugged and robust. The Ozark Trail XXL Director chair’s metal frame has an all-business look about it too, which ozark trail camping chair clearly sends the message that this is a go-anywhere chair. Horizontal and vertical runs were installed, including precast Stub-Ups containing rigid galvanized conduits. We don’t find that to be a noteworthy drawback as the nylon handles and shoulder strap work just fine in carrying the tent.

This allows you to have great water resistance right out the door without having to seal the seams yourself. Take a look at the floor plan, it’s actually got five rooms if you count the center room. This tent is for groups or families that want to travel with the entire squad, but don’t want to have to sleep next to each other. But, sometimes you want privacy, and this tent offers great room options. The main room has a divider down the middle, and then there’s the pop-out room on the backside.

I am 67 yrs old and have used Ozark Trail tents for years, but this covered screen dome turned out NOT TO BE A TENT. If and when I buy a new tent, I will go with Ozark again, and will not buy it from walmart….if you watch a doc. Called “Walmart, the high cost of low prices” it will explain to you why the product there is so cheap.