Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos CLP, CVP, CSP Clavinovas in San Diego

It’s simply a digital piano that tries to emulate the feeling of an acoustic piano as best as it can. Quantity over quality is a common approach at this price point, so expect to find hundreds of built-in sounds, songs, rhythms, and other cool features on most YPT keyboards you come across. The more expensive instruments on this list will have an even more realistic feel than the less expensive instruments. It’s really a personal choice whether you want to spend the extra cash for the more realistic action or if the lower-cost keyboards feel good enough to you. You can also follow-along with Yamaha’s Stream Light technology which shows you what keys to play and when to play them. There are many reasons for buying Yamaha digital pianos instead of other kinds of Yamaha keyboards.

Additionally, they often cost less and require less space than traditional acoustic pianos, making them ideal for piano lovers who have limited room available. Miller Piano is proud to offer a variety of yamaha digital piano models. The electric pianos, strings, and organs offer enough variation to encourage young players to experiment with different playing styles.

Let’s be clear, the Piaggero NP-12 isn’t one of the seven best keyboards that Yamaha produces. But, we are trying to cover a broad price and ability range, and the NP-12 is top of its class. It’s a great way to give younger players the illusion of a more professional instrument without the cost. The DGX-670 is widely considered to be one of the best arranger keyboards available. It’s the perfect singer-songwriter’s keyboard between the abundance of sounds and connectivity. The YDP-165 has hundreds of built-in songs and 303 practice exercises covering various skill levels.

Portable digital pianos, also called slab pianos, typically do not come with a furniture-style cabinet to turn the whole thing into one unit. The entire product is the keyboard itself, similar to the portable keyboards we discussed earlier. A keyboard will typically yamaha digital piano have semi-weighted or synth-type action that is not designed to give you the feel of playing on an acoustic grand piano. These days, the company has entry-level to premium keyboards, music workstations, synthesizers, arrangers, stage pianos, and more.

In Session Mode, you can invite three additional session musicians into the room to accompany you as you practice and perform in 40 different musical styles. Realistic grand piano touch and sounds sampled from two world-renowned concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. The CLP Series provides an authentic grand piano experience seamlessly combined in a convenient, compact and affordable instrument for players of all levels. In the same breath they have some of the best piano sounds found in a digital piano.

Like any good arranger keyboard, it comes with hundreds of high-quality sounds. Although the flagship voice is the Yamaha CFX concert grand, the other sounds are very good. From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, here are our picks for the best Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos on the market at the moment. The Yamaha N1X AvantGrand Hybrid Digital Piano seamlessly blends the traditional essence of an acoustic piano with the advantages of cutting-edge technology. Featuring genuine wooden keys that deliver unparalleled precision and responsiveness, this instrument allows you to express your musicality with true authenticity. Since digital pianos don’t have strings, escapement action doesn’t really serve any purpose except to reproduce a subtle clicking sensation felt when you gently press a key.

We’ve included it because, despite its lack of speakers, it is technically a digital piano and provides a brilliant solution for pro and semi-pro gigging musos. Want to cut to the chase and find out exactly which we think are the best Yamaha digital pianos? You can jump to a more detailed review of every pick – and better yet, our price comparison tool will help you find the best price. You can purchase a permanent stand to make it look more like the Arius series or purchase a separate folding stand for gigs. It’s a little heavy to tote around but still manageable, really giving you the best of both worlds and all for a really nice price.

This is the first “compact” digital instrument from Yamaha to feature this facility, although it has been available from the Yamaha CSP range of Clavinovas for a few years. P-Series instruments first appeared back in 1994, and 20 different models have graced the range over the years. The P-S500 joins the P-515, P-125a, P121 and P-45 in the current line-up. Matthew studied music education and vocal performance at the University of Kentucky. He has played the piano for over 29 years and today teaches and performs locally with many groups including the Cantabile Vocal Ensemble. To him the piano isn’t just an instrument, it is the start of a journey which enhances everyday life.