Ozark Trail Camping Tents for sale

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We had great weather – not too hot and not too cold – but it did rain for about 5 minutes. My friend chose to not put up his rain fly betting on the perfect weather to continue while enjoying the stars at night. During those five minutes of rain, he was a little more stressed as the risk of a wet sleeping bag had not been completely mitigated and he rushed back to the campground. True, I wasn’t able to remove the rain fly to watch the stars or let the wind ventilate my tent, but I was able to enjoy the day hikes without any sort of worry. In essence, I had committed to the permanent rainfly option by default and there was a certain contentedness that came with that. My personal favorite Ozark Trail tent is the 12-person, 3-room instant cabin tent.

The one exception to the rule here is for the larger cabin-style tents, especially those with an “instant tent” design that uses pre-attached poles. These shelters tend to be much heavier and bulkier when packed up due to the frame design, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got room to transport them in your vehicle and store them in your home before buying. Each of the cabin’s three rooms includes its own privacy divider, and each is large enough to fit a queen-sized mattress as well, so it’s a great option for large groups or families. Other perks of the Three Room Instant Cabin include an instant tent design with pre-attached poles for easy set-up and dual ground-level vents designed to work with a tent air conditioner.

These tents are built for first-time and/or fairweather campers, so Ozark Trail puts a lot of effort into making them easy to use. Yes, we all want a big spacious tent with room for plush sleeping quarters, but we also recommend looking for the little features that can elevate your camping experience. Interior storage is a great example, as all those little mesh pockets help keep things organized and off the floor.

Many of our picks use grommet attachments, which are more secure and simple to repair than key attachments if anything should break. Even so, you should, ideally, stake down each corner securely; in some crowded campgrounds, however, finding a flat spot with soil soft enough to do that can be difficult. A tent that requires staking to stand ozark trail canopy up—especially a larger, six-person tent—is unwieldy, and it’ll be impossible to set up on a hard surface such as blacktop or on raised wooden tent decks. Even if you’re camping with a group, it’s important to have a few items just for you. Here’s the Walmart camping gear we think you should consider to optimize your own experience.

The fabric is a UV-resistant cover with a UPF rating of 50+, giving those underneath the best sun protection any material can… In windy conditions high stress is applied to each side and the frame begins to break down at the unreinforced joint connectors….

The canopy also has an awning, banner holder, stakes and guy ropes. Overall, we think the serves its intended purpose – a value brand 10×10 instant shelter that caters to price conscious consumers looking for an affordable shade option. The benefit of the slanted legs ozark hammock chair is that these tents are more stable laterally which can increase the stability of the frame and make it less prone to toppling, an important benefit if on a windy beach. The most popular product in their line is the 10×10 Instant Slant Leg Tent with a blue canopy top.