Electric Head Face and Body Shavers for Men and Women

The blades itself are places closer than others to help prevent nicks and cuts on your most sensitive bits which, let’s get real, is a welcome innovation. Not only do the stainless steel blades cut through even the coarsest hair, but the rounded, wraparound guards protect your junk from nicks and cuts. The integrated dial allows a whopping 20 different cutting lengths for a truly customized experience, plus it’s completely waterproof and has a 100 minute run time in a single charge.

Together with our expert tips below, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to sculpt your beard to perfection. Most electric razors can shave a full beard in half the time (or less) it takes to shave the traditional way (again, a big part of this is the lack of other products). Good lighting is a must for this task, and mirrors may be useful for those who are new to the technique.

But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep things tidier — whether that involves protruding nose hairs or a more defined trim down below. As for how often, that depends entirely on how fast your hair grows, and how much you trim off in the first place. Bear in mind that if you go for a full shave, you can expect to experience itching in most cases until a few days have passed.

Our panelists didn’t find the design to be better or worse for cutting pubic hair. With 13 attachments, including one for nose hair, this all-purpose trimmer is a bit more difficult to maneuver around delicate skin, yet it is manageable and still cuts powerfully. This water-resistant trimmer’s vertical orientation and V-shaped head make navigating the body’s bends and folds easy.

Using an anti-fog mirror will enable clear visibility while grooming, ensuring precision and accuracy. Experts might say that’s because electric razors don’t cut as close as a traditional razor/shave cream combo. But in practice, I didn’t notice any difference between the closeness of my shave.

Two testers nicked themselves slightly while grooming pubic hair without using a guard (in order to achieve a closer shave). In our testing, we had to do a few more passes when trimming with this tool, compared with using the Panasonic ER-GK60-S. philips trimmer blade It’s that time of year once again, folks, where all your money-saving dreams come true. Black Friday, easily the biggest and best online shopping event of the year, is keeping costs low throughout November, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A well-designed trimmer will offer a comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability. An ergonomic design ensures precise control, making it easier to shape and trim your beard with accuracy. The Wahl Aqua Blade 9899 performs similarly to the Philips Norelco, our budget pick, in that it offers great versatility but less control.