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If you have questions for us, please reach out and contact us today. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you. I had quite captain black tobacco a few relights trying to smoke this stuff. However I received the least amount of tongue bite smoking this out of these three tobaccos.

MacBaren has a full line of Captain Black inspired tobaccos which are usually ranked higher than the original, all under the Seven Seas line. I did have Seven Seas Original years ago and my general tasting notes are fairly similar but I can note that the mechanics of the MacBaren version was vastly superior. Captain Black Gold is much more natural in aroma, hay, a hint of vanilla, and bit of an ammonia off-note. Individual reviews are the opinion(s) of the contributors and do not reflect the opinion(s) of STC Holdings LLC. Signup to receive special deals and offers delivered to your inbox. Captain Black Gold has next to no development, sticking with a hay-berry-salt-vinegar-lemon Virginia profile with just a touch of Vanilla on top.

To experience a middle ground between the sweet black cavendish of Captain Black Regular and the sweet Virginias of Captain Black Gold, Captain Black Royal is toned-down and great for smoking all day. Its slightly elevated complexity, when compared to other Captain Black blends, makes this a blend that burns clean with a pleasant flavor and room note. The toppings include honey, vanilla, caramel, peterson pipes and a touch of molasses that mix with the sugary black cavendish for a distinguished and satisfying smoke experience. This refined blend is one of the brand’s most highly regarded, and its experience caters to a wide variety of preferences. Of these three I am most likely to smoke the Original more than the other two, as the mix of warm, comforting flavors and some real tobacco flavor.

It is a little sweet with hints of sweetness as well as an intense vanilla and dark fruit scent. It’s the most anticipated classic in Captain Black. Treat yourself to a timeless American classic when you purchase Captain Black pipe tobacco. This premium brand is the number one pipe tobacco seller in the United States because they combine quality and value. With five different options in our selection, anyone can find the perfect blend to satisfy their preferences. Captain Black has been the biggest selling line of tobaccos in the United States for almost fifty years, and this one is the original.

Please note though that if you choose shipping via first class, your package is not trackable and we are not responsible for lost packages. FLAVOR PROGRESSIONCaptain Black Original has fairly consistent vanilla-rum-lemon-vinegar-hay profile up to the last quarter when the spiced rum takes over. SMOKE & ROOM NOTEThe heavy cavendish component gives all of these tobaccos a silky mouthfeel, but the smoke is strangely thin. Captain Black Gold is well not quite gold, but in that direction.

Most distinctly its much finer in cut than the other two Captain Black products reviewed here. It’s not shag but this will lead to a pretty quick burn without careful packing and puffing. Captain Black has stuck to a basic look for the last seven decades, a solid color background which indicates which blend it is, with a black silhouette of a tall ship. It’s an iconic package that is easy to recognize for anyone who has been in the hobby for awhile. The latest iteration gives us a simplified, almost clip art rendition of the three-master, which gives it a stripped down, timeless appearance. Thompson Cigar does not sell products to anyone under the age of 21.