Genesis Bikes

The 700c Genesis Saber is a great road bike for thrill-seekers and fitness enthusiasts. With its lightweight aluminum frame, you’ll experience the thrill of speed and agility as you conquer every road and climb with ease. Equipped with a road-style drop handlebar and 21 speed drivetrain, this bike offers precision and control, allowing you to shift gears with ease thanks to its convenient twist shifters.

Other bikes might have the specificity to perform better in a single one of these uses, but very few bikes would be able to perform as well as the Croix de Fer in all of them. It is the combination of a vast array of mounts, a robust steel frame and wide tyre clearances that allow this bike to be such a jack of all trades. The aero features of more expensive bikes are present, with cables are routed internally and the leading edges of the frame are smoothly rounded.

You’ll find a range of materials used in Genesis bikes, though the brand is well loved for its steel offerings. During the cycling season we get about a dozen calls a day from people with a Genesis brand bicycle. We’ve got to say, though, that we’ve never seen anything like the head tube on Adam Blythe’s bike. Genesis cycles are perfect for anyone looking for a hybrid of on and off-road that is comfortable on all day journeys on tarmac or gravel. Visit us in our stores in Edinburgh (Bruntsfield or Canonmills), Leeds, Newcastle and Aberdeen.

The kind of bikes that make you dream of your next adventure no matter the size. Since 2001 Genesis Bikes have had an eye for the finer details, utilising the very best materials and always heading in their own direction. Genesis build bikes that are simply built to go everywhere with you and do a bit of everything. Take your pick from their range of iconic builds such as the Croix De Fer, Fugio, CDA, Vapour, Datum & more. Credited with creating the first-ever gravel bike, Genesis bicycles are designed to take you on adventure — off-road, on-road, or wherever your heart desires.

Some are more race oriented, meaning mudguard and pannier mounts are forgone and the geometry is longer and lower. Others have more of an endurance focus, better suited to long rides and have all the mounts you need for light cycle-touring. The Venerable Croix de Fer frameset has been a mainstay of the Genesis range since 2009. The frameset genesis bike is incredible versatile and lends itself to a multitude of different builds. You could put 38c tyres on it and go bike-packing on some gravel, or you could put front and rear pannier racks on, throw in some mudguards, and take it on an around the world tour. You could even commute, go on road rides, use it as a utility shopper.

The bikes are available either with rim brakes or hydraulic discs, but there is only one spec level with these bikes. The rim brake version can take tyres up to 28c, whereas the disc version can handle 30c. The Croix de Fer is probably Genesis’ flagship bike, much loved by adventurers and commuters alike. It’s the ultimate all-round all-terrain machine, with a hardy steel frameset, disc brakes, relaxed geometry and mounts for all the additional fittings you might need. The Croix de Fer comes in three steel options (10, 20 and 30) as well as a titanium model. The Lotus Type 136 is equipped with top-notch components such as the Sram Red eTap AXS groupset, as well as the DT Swiss ARC 1100 wheels.

Various accents like the bottom bracket cups, brake calipers, and brake disc centers can be coated in bronze or remain understated in black. At the heart of this extraordinary creation lies an exquisitely crafted frame, a result of merging parametrically designed, 3D-printed titanium lugs and carbon fiber tubes. This fusion doesn’t just deliver an unparalleled combination of responsiveness and comfort, Aston Martin says, but it also redefines aesthetics and elegance.

One particularly interesting detail is the wheel design, which features a 55-millimeter deep carbon tubeless profile with an internal width of 22 mm. Each wheel has 28 spokes with a black finish that continues on the wheel sides. The hubs, in turn, have been designed specifically for this bicycle and produced from high-strength aerospace genesis bike aluminum. It looks like some Arabian prince would ride once in front of his mates then keep in gold plated toilet in a palace he never stays in. Plus, plus that headtube/stem/fork is just, well there are no words. We showed you 3T’s Strada ICR a couple of weeks ago, with a ‘nose’ extending forwards at the front of the head tube.

Genesis bikes became renowned for their use of steel tubing and ethos for function over form. The first Genesis bike was produced under the Ridgeback brand as the Day One model in 2001. Due to its popularity, Genesis became a label in its own right in 2006.

No surprises, just great bikes that you can pay off with as low as 0% APR financing from Affirm on select bikes. The Datum comes with 32c tyres, which is a bit closer to the ‘road’ end of the spectrum. But there is clearance for up to 38c, so if the conditions require it, this bike is able to handle the rougher stuff. If you want more control over exactly what components your bikes is built with, both of these are available to buy as just the frameset. In this range there are also women’s specific models – in addition to the unisex ones. With these bikes, the saddles have been changed for a women specific model as well as shorter cranks and narrower handlebars being specced to better suit female proportions.