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The Spot 400 is an easy-to-use, bright-enough headlamp that provides long-lasting battery life and reliable performance, year after year. The Bindi does have a battery indicator system with red, yellow, and green lights, which makes it easy to see when you’re getting close to needing a charge. Also note that the headlamp needs to be charged out of the box; ours arrived completely dead. And it uses a Micro-USB cable, which is becoming less common (many of the rechargeable headlamps we tested use USB-C). Just be prepared to face changing weather conditions out in the wilderness.

But they are fun to look at and likely safer for children, who might not know they should avoid staring directly into the light. Upon first setting up the Wiz, we found it tough to get the batteries into the housing (it’s intentionally hard to pry open, for safety). Once they’re in, however, the light turns on and immediately enters Rainbow mode.

It features a front zippered pocket for your accessories and keys and a large open main compartment for everything else. Make sure to let a friend or family member know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Tell someone how many days you’ll be gone and approximately where you think you’ll stay each night. Physically check in by filling out a backpacking card at dedicated trailheads.

Our sister site Alloutdoor.com recently reviewed a hiking backpack sold by Ozark Trail that had an overall stellar performance and it triggered a question among our staff. Is Walmart’s Ozark Trail brand a true sleeper, putting out products that deserve much more attention among outdoorsmen? With that question being floated, we decided to travel down the path of discovery and start to take a closer ozark trail chair look at Ozark Trail and some of their products. We just completed a review of the Ozark Trail Tumbler line, which is not only budget friendly but also well performing. We like that this pack has a lot of pockets including a zipper that allows you to access the middle of the pack without opening the top. Includes Trekking pole attachment points, compression straps and a sleeping bag compartment.

Not only will the rubber allow for a slightly smoother roll when you are pull this cooler along, but it will also be quieter. You won’t wake the neighbors up when you are pulling this down your dock. Rounding out the exterior is a lid that features 4 cup holders and inch notches for measuring your catch of the day.

Field dressing is a messy job, and gloves are a great way to keep the bulk of the mess off you. Plus, a good pair adds one more protective layer between your skin and the blade. It’s easy to have an accident during this activity, and gloves could definitely lessen the damage and keep you clean. A common one for me is using them to fix a tag to an antler or leg. They can also be used to hold limbs together in a hunting setup or for small gear repairs.