11 Body Groomers to Trim and Shave Your Hair Down There

It can be a big decision for some men to choose to shave their body, and it’s often down to your own opinions on how far you go and what you end up shaving. If you’re a bit concerned, don’t worry, as Mills told us, “It’s a personal choice and so there are no real rules philips shaver with this. I think most of us do and it’s a pretty normal thing nowadays.” And he’s right. Manscaping isn’t something to be dismissed, and taking pride in your body and cleaning up any unsightly hair can do wonders for body confidence and generally be more hygienic.

There’s also a cordless base, rechargeable lithium ion battery option, wet/dry functionality and stainless steel blades – all of which make this the top of the line. Build your own kit or buy one of the pre-curated sets (we recommend the Ultimate All-in-One Kit because, why not). Here, we’ve compiled the top-tested Lab picks, as well as highly-rated and vetted products from our go-to online shopping sources, for the best and smoothest shave. Plus, the 411 on how to use electric razors, how to choose and how to clean them. The Precision Dial Comb can be set to specific lengths and the angle of the blades can be tweaked, allowing you to use different settings to achieve the holy grail of that lovely faded look.

And, scoring a ‘quiet’ rating in our lab, it’s discreet enough to use at any time, any place. If you follow all these steps you should be in good hands for getting a quality shave every time. Just make sure to take care of your razor and give it proper maintenance. And if you’re just starting out using an electric razor, give yourself a grace period for your skin to adjust (we touch on the reasoning for this more down below). If you have a wet and dry use shaver, you can go at your scruff right out of the shower (or even in the shower) after washing your face. November brought about a slew of new electric razor releases, including Bevel’s Electric Shaver, Manscaped’s Beard Hedger, and Panasonic’s ARC 6, which we’re testing now.

Achieve a natural look or closer result thanks to a 5 length adjustable comb with trim lengths ranging from 3mm to 11mm. When shaving your face, some razors have a hard time getting into smaller areas and crevices. This one from Philips had the highest consumer score for effectively removing philips body groomer unwanted hair around upper lip and mouth area, two spots that can give razors trouble to get smooth. Testers also like the weight (sturdy but not heavy), the amount of charge it holds and the easy controls. While it works fine, it’s not quite up to some of the better models.

Next month, we’ll share how these new gadgets stack up with the rest of our favorite shavers. After using the Braun Series 9 Pro+ for two months, we can say that it shaves just as well today as it did right out of the box. Overall performance has not changed, though there was a slight decline in cutting power when the blade dulled. But, replacing the head was easy and brought the shaver back to business immediately. Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times.

However, this tool made getting a precise edge easy and left testers with their ideal beard; one tester called out the mini precision detailer in particular as a winner. Cleaning your tools is always the worst part of every grooming routine, but thankfully this nifty device made it easy to brush off any debris. It cut through stragglers without need for a redo, with our panel pleased as punch about achieving their pruning goals. With the bold claim that the blades ‘stay sharp for life’, we expected good things from this stylish device.

At around $220, the Walker & Company Bevel Trimmer is one of the most powerful cordless trimmers we’ve tested, with exceptionally sharp blades. But the design feels odd, and it doesn’t come with an option to attach a guide comb, which is essential for many people. As a body groomer, it’s fast, smooth, philips trimmer blade effective, quiet and the battery lasts forever. That makes the groomer easier to glide over large surfaces, really useful when trimming the hair on the legs for example. First of all, the underside of the philips trimmer blade green body guards is rounded compared to the flat beard guards.