10 Best Electric Bikes of 2023 Tested by GearLab

Are you looking for a versatile bike that can handle various terrain? With its 4-inch wide tires and comfortable front suspension, this bike offers stability and smooth rides, ideal for exploring dirt roads or leisurely trails. The 750W motor feels potent and can reach speeds up to 28mph with pedal assistance. Sleek and stylish, the bike has a frame-integrated battery and complimentary components. It comes in two frame sizes and step-through and step-over styles to cater to your preferences.

Most headlights mount to a part of the steering axis, which allows the light to follow the bike’s trajectory. Potential buyers should also consider the bike’s weight; 84 lbs is more than most bike racks will carry, and hoisting it into a truck isn’t easy. We ran out of juice a mile from GearLab, and it became a very memorable mile. That said, not only does it score higher than its closest huffy electric bike competition, the Super73 S2, it’s about half the price. If you know what type of e-bike you’re looking for, we offer more in-depth information in our category-specific reviews. As with traditional road bikes (and gravel bikes too), their motorized counterparts have sporty forward-leaning geometry, narrow tires, and lightweight frames, all with performance and efficiency in mind.

Additional accessories are available at reasonable prices to enhance this bike’s utility. The Packa Genie, like many cargo bikes, is heavy and has a long wheelbase, making it difficult huffy mountain bike to transport and requiring more storage space when not in use. The long wheelbase may also impact its handling, making it less suitable for short turns or navigating tight spaces.

The chain is rusted, so I’ll probably buy a new one also, but are there any tips or tricks to restoring a bike? She doesn’t necessarily like the color so I’m planning on taking everything off, sanding it down and repainting. I’m handy with a wrench around my truck, but I just want to make sure there isn’t anything ridiculous I’ll have to do and/or replace huffy beach cruiser to get it ready for her. So I found this by our dumpster and it seemed in good condition to fix up for my wife to ride with our son. The amount you can expect to receive in store credit when trading in your bike with a dealer. Chains come in one length and are shortened to the appropriate length for the bike by removing links and joining the ends.

The style and the comfort of this 24” Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser, makes this bicycle one great ride! Extending your leg fully helps eliminate some of the fatigue and discomfort that come with regular cycling. Cruiser bikes are well-known for their comfort to make commuting and leisure rides more enjoyable. The design also features high cruiser huffy mountain bike handlebars to better posture when riding.

The SRAM Code R hydraulic disc brakes on this bike are far from our favorite, and the non-e-bike specific Fox 36 Rhythm fork also leaves a bit to be desired. The only information immediately available to the rider are the LEDs on the frame’s top tube showing the current support setting and remaining battery life. If you value having lots of information available at a glance, more expensive versions of the Levo come with a digital display, or you can purchase one as a separate accessory. However, we wouldn’t let either of these drawbacks deter you from the Turbo Levo Comp, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a refined and highly adjustable electric mountain bike. If you want to save a few thousand dollars, check out the Commencal Meta Power TR Ride, which didn’t score as high but has great downhill performance and only slightly less range.

Want to explore trails that are just out of reach on a standard mountain bike? An electric bike can put more oomph in your pedal and help you get around town or the trails faster while still allowing you to move your legs and get as much workout as you choose. We have purchased and tested over 80 electric bikes, from budget bikes, commuters, and folding models to top-of-the-line electric mountain bikes with all the newest features. Whatever your interest in electric bikes, we have information, advice, and recommendations to help you choose the best fit for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Potential buyers should also consider the bike’s weight; 84 lbs is more than most bike racks will carry, and hoisting it into a truck isn’t easy.

Batteries are measured in Watt-hours, and the higher the Wh number, the more power storage and longer the range, but this also means increased weight and size, making for a heavier bike. We found the Vika+ Flex to be our test group’s most well-rounded folding model, but it still has some minor drawbacks. With a rigid frame and comparatively narrower tires, it sometimes feels less forgiving over rougher terrain. Of course, the nature of its folding design and smaller wheels means it doesn’t have the same composure as the larger wheeled, non-folding competition.