Letters: Thoughts on e-bikes in Kent

Because I’m an idiot, I try to smack the dog away and it takes a nip at me. Then it looks me right in the eye and I belatedly realize that this dog is a wolf and I figure I’m dead. I’m not sticking around to see if that guess is right, I’ll be long gone with my bike by the time you read this note. I’ve got to get on with my life, I suggest you do the same with yours. You are probably wondering how I tracked you down, where all this blood came from, and why there’s a severed deer head here instead of the bike you stole. I’ll explain, not because I owe you an explanation, but because I want you to think twice before you go out to steal another bike.

The battery’s on button isn’t in a highly visible place but is slightly raised so you can find it by touch. There is an old 8-mile Championship Course nearby that was abandoned several years ago. Reviews claim this trail is the most wild and raw ride in the area due to extremely steep ascents and descents, boggy mud, sharp switchbacks, and dangerous washouts. We wisely dismounted on the steepest uphills and also walked one suicidal downhill.

At Target, find a wide range of adult bikes to choose from. These bikes provide controlled riding on the trail. Their all-terrain tires provide go-anywhere traction so you can ride with confidence. And the quick release seat post makes for kent road bike easy height adjustment. Browse through other brands like Huffy, Mongoose, Decathlon, Titan and more. Find a collection of adult bikes that are a great choice to ride on country roads, trails, gravel paths or anywhere you want to ride.

But while Walmart is known for its super cheap e-bikes, the company has never offered higher-end e-bikes with nicer features like mid-drive motors. At least, not until now with the launch of Kent’s new mid-drive electric kent bayside cruiser bike. The Electric Cruiser offers three levels of electric assist, with a maximum boost of 20 mph. A very basic LED display indicates battery and power-assist levels but doesn’t include a speedometer or mileage counter.

SPIN shared eScooters and eBikes must park within one of the designated SPIN GeoZones to end any ride. When riders end a trip, they must park in the GeoZone that appears on the app or SPIN may issue fines for non-compliance. If a ride ends outside of a GeoZone, SPIN will email the user with a warning. If non-compliance continues to be a problem, SPIN may issue a fine. SPIN will relocate bikes and eScooters throughout the day and ensure that they are parked in GeoZones.

Christine and I get around town by biking and walking and in walking and biking around I’d seen this old Schwinn World Sport locked to a lightpost a half a block from our house. The bike had been locked to the post for at least a month. Now I should note that this is something that make Superior, Wisconsin different from Seattle or Portland or Eugene. Here in Superior, you can leave a bike locked to a lightpost with a flimsy lock and it will stay untouched for a month. In those other cities I mentioned, the bike would be stolen or stripped within hours. I decided to bring the deer head and leave this note as warning.

An led battery meter is mounted on the handlebars that also houses the power mode selector. The brake levers that control a pair of v-brakes also have sensors to cut motor power any time the brakes are pulled. The motor is supplied by an adorable little 24v 5.2Ah battery. The motor doesn’t add any assist unless the rider is pedaling, and the assist cuts out immediately when pedaling stops. There’s even a six-speed transmission that makes the bike extra pedal-friendly even without any electric assist.

Reasonable efforts are made to present accurate info, however all info is presented without warranty. Consult a card’s issuing bank for terms & conditions. The bike comes about 75% pre-assembled, and I only needed to attach the front wheel and fender, handlebars and saddle. Things started off on the wrong foot when I realized some of the seat post assembly pieces were missing.

Except last night, I stopped at a 7-11 on my way out of town. I didn’t think some junky would pinch my bike in the couple of minutes I was in the store. It took me all damn day to find my clothes and find my way back home. I was worried about rabies so I went to the doc and got the shots. Four shots over fourteen days and the doctor said I’d be fine.

They come with oversized gravel-tread tires that take you over mixed surfaces. Look through a variety of adult bikes with features like raised position, speed, ergonomic saddle, height-adjustable stem, soft-touch grips and more. Explore a large collection of adult bikes to find the perfect one for you. The advantages of mid-drive motors, though, mean that you’ll usually find them on higher-end electric bikes, whereas low-cost electric bikes tend to favor hub motors.